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Luca993's Live Review EP 12: LLR Awards (Aqours edition)

2020.08.19 21:31 Luca993 Luca993's Live Review EP 12: LLR Awards (Aqours edition)

Hi, and welcome back to Luca993's Live Review. Today I will be giving my “LLR Awards” to the groups of Love Live Sunshine! (Aqours, Saint Snow, Saint Aqours snow). The awards will be given based only on the live performances I already reviewed. There will be no awards on song not performed live. The shows that will be taken into consideration will be all the love lives! From 1 to 5.

DISCLAIMER: Everything you will read is based ONLY on personal thoughts, I do not intend to belittle any person / live / song. I love Love Live and I will do everything in my power to get more people to love it. Everything you will read is written by me, so, I apologize in advance if there are grammar errors, I will try my best to use my B2 English as better as I can. If I will take some inspiration from the internet, I'll make sure to include the link to the webpage. That said, enjoy LLR

Top 3 musical performance:

1st place: Kiseki Hikaru (4th LL, day 2). I'd say this is the peak performance of Aqours. Thanks also to Kato Tatsuya and the Uranohoshi orchestra, they managed to deliver an outstanding song, filled with emotions. The live music is what gives this song the first place. Unforgettable
2nd place: Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare (4th LL, day 1). I suffered a lot seeing what happened in the second Love Live. Seeing Rikako having a panic attack. I remember that, after that incident, when the song came up in my headphones, I almost got panic attacks too. But it all changed in this live. Seeing Rikako taking her place with Aqours during this performance and singing with all her might, made me love again this song.
3rd place: Over the next rainbow (S.A.S. 5th LL day 2) Just looking at their faces while they are singing it, this song means a lot to them, and to the LLSS! Story. The solo of Asami Tano during the last chorus is wonderful, it gives this song the power to touch people's heart.

Top 3 choreography:

1st place: Miracle Wave (3rd LL, Fukuoka, last day): God knows how many times Anchan has already done that backflip. But she always had pure fear in her eyes whenever she had to do it. I chose this day because it's the last time she had to do it. Just when she finishes, the other members dance with big smiles in their faces, better then ever. And when the song finishes, the Leader offers an emotional MC.
2nd place: Mirai Ticket (1st LL): The prelude makes this performance a level up. More similar to a recital, it's the right choice to introduce Mirai Ticket, and to get the audience to enjoy it more
3rd place: Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare (4th LL, day 1): As Rikako says during the MC following this song, Aqours members had to learn a all new choreography because she wanted to sing with them. But the result is still amazing

Top 3 audience:

1st place: 2nd Love Live day2: When Rikako freezes, everyone turn their penlight in sakura pink, and encourages her by shouting her name. Not her nickname. Great choice, a lot of wholesomeness
2nd place: 4th Love Live day2 (W-encore): They managed to leave in Aqours really big emotions, they were speechless and sure they weren't expecting to come out again
3rd place: 5th Love Live (encore): That rainbow was amazing. It was probably expected to be like that, but I bet the girls were surprised to see that sight. Unluckily there wasn't an MC after that, so we will never know what was going on in Aqour's heads

Top 3 emotions:

1st place: Yuuki wa doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni! (3rd LL, last day, encore). The “special version” of this song, which consist on muting the instruments on the last part before Chika's “Ganbatte chousen da yo ne!” is already a brave choice. But the audience, singing together with the girls, the anime played in the screens behind, the lyrics of this song, and (for personal reasons) the hard days back then, really let me in tears, and gave me the strength to keep my head up
2nd place: Kiseki Hikaru (4th LL, 2nd day): This is the song which describes Aqours as season 2 of the anime. The lines that I like the most are “from one person to two, then from two to everyone. Ah, the beat of our dreams were conveyed from one to another”. Lines like these, singed in Tokyo Dome at full capacity, more than 60000 people, makes me emotional. They finally did it. They managed to shine.
3rd place: Over the next rainbow & Next sparkling (5th LL): Those two represent Aqours to the fullest. I'll always remember Ainya started crying in the middle of over the next rainbow. And I remembered my fear that it was the last time seeing Aqours perform live. Luckily it didn't become true

Top 3 encore:

1st place: 4th LL day 2, W-encore: Seeing their shocked faces, Furirin and Rikako broken in tears, hearing Suwawa's trembling voice. And the way Aqours decided to thank the audience, without “artificial” ways, it was wonderful.
2nd place: 3rd LL, last day: That song singed with the audience gave me chills
3rd place: 2nd LL: Pikapika Ondo is undoubtedly one of my favourite songs. And seeing it live, with Uchicchi dancing, lighten up my mood

Top 3 MCs

1st place: Kinchan (3rd LL day 2): “In this live, everyone had their solo songs, and to see the entire venue turn yellow, and have everyone engulfed in my voice...I've never been very confident in myself...(starting to get emotional, everybody screams to cheer her up) But I know that my place is right here! Aqours have to be the nine of us! I came to realize that on this tour! I hope your place is with us, too! (starting sobbing hard) In your lives, you might run into trouble, or you might not be able to be courageous... when that happens, remember that nothing will happen if you just stand around...(Ainya runs with a towel to wipe off King's tears, very wholesome) We'll keep challenging ourselves, but without you we won't be able to do it”
2nd place: Shuka (4th LL day 2): She couldn't believe to be there. She is happy for all the love she received. As she says she is going to speak seriously, she starts to show her biceps. Anchan can't stop laughing, and as she is stopping, Shuka (IMHO intentionally) makes her laugh more. She concludes with “we'll be back” who warms up the audience.
3rd place: Anchan (2nd LL day 2): the tour went by in a blink of an eye.(talking about the first live) “Thanks to you all, we were able to shine, and because you supported us, we turned that zero into a one. If it weren't for all of you, we wouldn't be able to see such a beautiful sight. Everyone was by our side as we chased after the trail of unseen dreams, and everyone's feeling for Aqours gradually grew stronger. What it means to be Aqours is becoming feels like a dream to be standing up here”(basically of all Guilty kiss is sobbing) and then: “I WILL BE SURE TO SURPRISE YOU ALL AT THE THIRD TOUR”

Best intro MC

4th LL day 1: Arisha who says “Luv U <3” and forgets to do “Diahoo”. Then remembers and does it, and she gets scared after watching her face in the huge screen behind her, always makes me laugh.

Best solo:

New winding road (Suzuki Aina): Her voice is powerful but delicate, she is a great singer, she easily sings very high notes, and her voice becomes soft and warm in the low ones. A 360° singer.

Units awards:

1st place: Guilty Kiss: I like the rock feeling, electric guitars. This is way too personal, but GK always makes me crazy with their songs.
2nd place: CyaRon: this unit is what makes me laugh the most. Anchan tries to remain serious but the other 2 girls are always joking and having fun, usually having the leader to follow them.
3rd place: AZALEA: They are surely more serious then the other two, but I like their songs.

My top 10 songs:1)kiseki hikaru (4th LL ) 2)Mirai ticket (1st LL) 3)Omoi yo hitotsu (4th LL) 4)miracle wave (3rd LL) 5)kimi wa yuuki (3rd LL) 6) Over the next rainbow (5th LL) 7) thrilling one way (2nd LL) 8) Aozora jump. (1st LL) 9) next sparkling (5th LL) 10) Pikapika ondo (2nd LL)


This show, in my opinion, represents almost perfection: lots of emotions, lots of fun, live orchestra and a bit of tears. The best show.

My opinion on the seyuu: (last mc order)

Aika Kobayashi (Yoshiko Tsushima): One of the best dancers in Aqours, has also very good vocals. What I like about her, is her expressions during dancing: Just by looking at her, you can really tell she is giving 110% all the time. Also her impersonation of Yohane is perfect
Aina Suzuki (Mari Ohara): Her voice is what got me. Warm at the low notes and powerful at the high notes. In my opinion one of the best (if not the best) voices in Aqours. Her impersonation of Mari is really good.
Ai Furihata (Ruby Kurosawa): Her voice acting is really good. The proof is in her solo, which is singed in notes not usual for her, was one of the best singed of the bunch. Her impersonation of Ruby is good, she always tries her best to be Ruby.
Suwa Nanaka (Kanan Matsuura): She is the “mysterious one”. Her voice is so sharp in the high notes, which I think that are not comfortable for her. But she always gets the part with those is. Her interpretation of Kanan is good. I called her mysterious because she don't really let her emotions out, so it's hard to understand what is going on in her mind.
Kanako Takatsuki (Hanamaru Kunikida): I have some serious feeling of respect for her. She probably was the one who had to really work hard to keep the pace in Aqours. And when “Mitaiken Horizon” with her as center was announced, I was so happy. Her voice is conforting. Her interpretation of Hanamaru is really good (zura)
Arisa Komiya (Dia Kurosawa): Her voice is unique. I like it. And I think that after Aikyan, she is the second best interpreter. Her way to impersonate Dia is funny and serious at the same time. I like when she talks in formal feminine japanese, it really suits her.
Shuka Saito (You Watanabe): I like to think about her as the “annoying kid” of Aqours. She is always ready to make everyone laugh and puts me in good mood. Her singing is really good and her impersonation of You is really nice
Rikako Aida (Riko Sakurauchi): She has shown multiple sides of her, her weak side and her strong side. Surely her solo is one of the best, and she got over the accident in the second live by singing with the other girls Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare. Her voice is good and her interpretation of Riko is also good
Anju Inami (Chika Takami): Well, she is a talented leader. A total actress, a good singer, a nice dancer, and the way she deliver the MCs, makes her perfect for the role. She is my favourite, and I have huge respect for her. Her backflip in “Miracle wave” is more than a backflip. It's her taking a step forward as Aqours. Her interpretation of Chika is really good.

This is it for Aqours LLR awards! See you next week for µ's awards!

P.S. Announcement! I've pre ordered a copy of the Love Live Fest!. I will make a review also on that one when I will receive the DVD. I think it will be around late Septembe early October
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2020.07.01 20:15 Luca993 Luca993's Live Review EP5: μ's 3rd Anniversary Love Live!

Hi, and welcome back to Luca993's Live Review. Today we are taking a look to μ's 3rd Anniversary Love Live!
DISCLAIMER: Everything you will read is based ONLY on personal thoughts, I do not intend to belittle any person / live / song. I love Love Live and I will do everything in my power to get more people to love it. Everything you will read is written by me, so, I apologize in advance if there are grammar errors, I will try my best to use my B2 English as better as I can. If I will take some inspiration from the internet, i'll make sure to include the link to the webpage. That said, enjoy LLR
μ's 3rd Anniversary Love Live! Took place in Pacifico Yokohama on the 16th of June 2013. It was the first μ's live to be broadcasted in Live viewing all across Japan. you can find all the info and set list here
I start now to apologize, this show always makes me tear up. More of that on my opinions, at the end of the review!
A really good intro with a piano only song is played, showing all the girls and the crowd reacting to them.
Bokura wa ima no naka de: “if each of us can put our hearts in the things we love, a new place will be our goal”. It can be this sentence to recap all this live. This song is very significant to me, and is executed perfectly, danced perfectly. I love it.Bokura no live kimi to no life: the song that started everything, the costumes are perfect, again I have to make a point on the lyrics: “I definitely want to capture new dreams even more than I do now”. Remember those sentences.
MC1: Introductions, call and responses, nothing special. Though the audience is really enthusiastic
Wonderful rush: Every time this song puts a smile on my face, also the atmosphere in the arena is really beautiful. Natsuiro egao: with summer approaching, which song is better than this? Although I prefer the mountains, I just listen to this song imagining a good day at the sea. Nothing better Susume tomorrow (3 member version): another amazing song performed by 3 amazing voices. I can't stress enough how much the quality of those shows is grown, also the set lists are getting better and better. Then this song is singed in Otonokizaka's school uniforms. One of the best songs in this live.
Solo songs: Emi Nitta's Yume Naki is beautiful. Starting with her taking a bike ride, this song reassumes Honoka's personality perfectly. Also Nitta Emi is up to the song and does her best to impersonate and it works!
Aya Uchida's blueberry train is perfectly impersonate, also here Kotori's personality is shown in a flawless way.
Suzuko Mimorin's Watashitachi wa megariaru in my opinion is not the best song for Umi's personality. Though her voice as I always say, is one of the best I've ever listen (and not only in the anime world)
Kubo Yurika's nawatobi is so sweet it melts my heart. I think this is the song that made me realize how much Yurika's voice is lovely. Perfect fit for Hanayo.
Lida Riho's koi no shigunaru rin rin rin is so good, also her voice is beautiful, Rin's personality is shown 100% through this song.
Pile's Daring is good and her voice is top. This song is, in my opinion, not fitted for Maki. Sora Tokui's mahoushitai(...) is on point on Nico, I love it.
Yoshino Nanjou's arifureta is really good. I love her voice, and the lyrics reflect Eli's sorrow shown through the anime. Good song.
Aina Kusuda's Junai lens in one of my favourite solo songs, I love Nozomi and I think this song really describes her. Also the rhythm is really catchy.
Start Dash (3 members) is a masterpiece, done like the 3rd episode of the anime. I'm starting to get emotional, thinking about the anime and how everything turned out. I'm so happy to see them sing S:D in an arena filled with people.
Kokerara no someday (7 members, no Kussun and Nanjolno) is good, the costumes are really good, I like the song. I could write about the lyrics, but I don't want to annoy you :D During the mc, the two girls join and we have again the full group.
Mogyutto, I already wrote in the episodes n° 1 and 3, is the song that always cheers me up, sweet and simple, I love it Wonder zone: Happy song, but still it hasn't made it to my playlist. At lest until now. I don't know why. I will put it later. Why did I miss this song? I like it! Kaguya no Shiro: I'm sorry but I don't like this song. I always get to skip it. The only song that I don't like. Wild stars: Still the problem I had with the last review, those girls talking about love...mmm I'm sorry but is a no no. Though the beat is really good.
No brand girls: perfection. Everybody is jumping. Here I have to write the lyrics because it's necessary: “no one knows of us, we're no brand”. A song that talks about the difficulties of starting. You will get why I wrote the lyrics here.
Snow halation: my very best compliments to the audience and the girls, until now this is the best coordination singeaudience. Is good to see the change to orange, the girls are singing divinely. In my opinion, this will remain in history, or at least in mine. When I think of SH live, I always recall the one from the third live. you can enjoy it here
ENCORE: a video of the girls counting from one to nine is shown. Everybody answers with a TEN!
Start dash (9 members): oh god the feels. As the girls sings, you can clearly hear the emotions in their (sometimes) trembling voices. As I write I am watching the video and, how can I say. I don't know what to write. I just see those sparkling eyes, those 9 beautiful girls dancing and singing, and it feels like the best thing in the world. Especially because the emotion sometimes get them out of tune. I'm really moved.
And now for the last MC: I will go in details, get your napkins out XD The girls are trying to find words to say.
Nanjolno: the project started three years ago, then the anime. That's something I couldn't have imagined at the start (then puts her hands on her face and starts sobbing hard). Everybody is cheering her up while she goes to take a towel. Soramaru try to get the tension down by taking her place and imitating her in a fun way.
Soramaru: when LL went on sale at comiket, I remember taking a photo in front of the empty booth Emi: My family bought 10 CD to support me
Soramaru: My agency sent me tons of limited edition CD, so I had lots at home. But now, every shop is out of stock. I'm really happy. (in the background, all the girls are crying, except Mimorin, well, because she never cries XD) then they talk about the anime, their dream, came true. The audience cheers them with a long clap.
ANNOUNCEMENTS TIME: 6th single, sub unit single, PS vita game, 4th live Saitama Super Arena (the girls are starting to break), anime season two (the audience is screaming, the girls are broken in tears, Emitsun is really really emotional). The girls are wiping out each other's tears, a really wholesome and emotional moment, while the audience is cheering for them. Now it's time for personal reflections:
Mimorin: “these years have really built a strong bond between the nine of us, and also between us and all the love livers” she then explains that she couldn't take part in most of the practices, and thanks the other members.
Rippi: she explains that she was moved by the audience screaming “10” after their count before the beginning of start:dash. The thing that made her really happy was to be able to perform as nine again. (then she tries to hold back the tears, she keep repeating “yaaa” because she is in a loss of words).
Pile: (She start sobbing, I never imagined to see Pile cry) she start recalling all the memories about the first and the second live, with their doubts if there was no one attending them. Then she is really happy to see season 2 of LL.
Nanjolno: she is trying to hold back the tears. She didn't take part in the last live, so she had really difficult times trying to keep up with the dances. She then recalls how in the anime, during the recording, normally the inexperienced VA would be left alone for last to record their lines. But in LL everyone had patience and everyone would leave only if everything was finished She said that she remembered during the 9 member version of start dash, in the anime the venue was filled with all the 9 colors, and when she saw that also in this live was the same, she remembered “scenes of the past lives I took part in, memories of everyone cyalumes flashed before my eyes, though in the anime it was just the characters dancing, it felt as though it was me on that stage. At some point, without realizing, I've become one with my character”
Kussun: (she breaks immediately) “at the beginning I was helpless and lost, and very nervous during recordings” she then proceeds to thank all the love livers, she feels blessed and also grown up interpreting Nozomi, also I there were a lot of problems and trouble. But thanks to all the staff, the members and the love livers, she is now able to stand on the stage. (another big big cheer). She feels her leg wobbling thinking about Saitama super arena.
Ucchi: she is surprised that she got many balloting entries for the live, thanks all the supporters. “with the combined help of everyone's individual support, we were able to see a scene as wondrous as this” then talks about how much they've trained, and how she's sorry that so many people could not see the live. She than thanks everyone for being able to appear in Saitama. (then she starts to sob). She felt a lot of uneasiness for this live, but thanks to everyone's support, she was able to overcome it. She's happy for the second season of the anime
Yurika: she had the same thoughts of everyone, (trying but failing to hold back the tears) she is happy that LL is acknowledged by so many people. She said that everyone of them came to love their character, and thanks everyone who love their characters.
Soramaru: she is happy for the live viewings, thanks all the staff and the supporters, saying to spread the love for LL. She confesses that before the live she was trying to impersonate Nico and constantly repeating to herself “I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful” (confirmed by Ucchi). Then she does the last Nico Nico Ni
Emitsun: “these three years, LL has been with me every step of the way. At the beginning, I was being helpless and lost, I thought no one would pay attention to us. But right now, so many people loves us (trying to fight the cry) I feel like this is the peak of my life. Seeing all those people supporting us, being supported by all these capable members, I feel so blessed, it's almost like a dream (she then can't find the words. The audience is screaming “faito da yo”). Our 2 day concert in Saitama, as well as season 2 of the anime, really, I don't dare to believe it, all my dreams are coming true" (she then starts sobbing really hard, and believe me, she is not the only one)
Emitsun: “Thanks to everyone, from here onwards too, we'll begin chasing a new dream. Our season of youth with everyone is far from ending”
LAST SONG: Kitto seishun: again, what better song to end a live “raise your arms as if they're wings and fly to the dazzling future”. This time I'm at a loss of words. The audience is singing really loudly. I love that they recreated the last chorus like the anime.The girls thanks everyone, then bokura wa ima no naka de instrumental is played. As the girls are going on the platform to leave the stage, the audience start singing. The camera closes up on Pile who bursts again in tears looking at Yurika. Everybody is getting emotional they hold each other's hands and Emitsun take a step forward descending from the platform. Also the girl start singing. Then the camera moves to Soramaru who screams the song in tears, Nanjolno who is looking to the ground but not singing, overwelmed by the cry, and Kussun who is trying to get rid of her tears. Mimorin as always is not crying, and Emitsun and Ucchi are in tears too. Then the girls finally leave the stage.
MY THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS LIVE: What a roller coaster! I don't know where to start. I pointed out some of the lyrics just to talk about those here. Lyrics of hope and dreams. Lyrics that perfectly entangle with the finale of this live. From the song of the anime, to the units, to the solos, to the last 3 songs, to the last mc. Everything entangles. It's incredible. I'm so amazed. I'm speechless, the only thing that I feel commenting right now is again the last MC. Seeing those girls, in the comiket booth, maybe thinking they had failed. Then seeing them grown up in the second live. Then seeing them taking big steps in this live and not afraid to show their true emotions. Whai I like to think is that they realized during the last MC how much they've grown, and that there are destined to a future of success. This is the last “normal” live for μ's. And it's why it's one of my favourite. I'm sorry if I cannot write more, but really, this show is perfect. I have nothing to add
See you next Wednesday, for another emotional one XD
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2020.06.02 21:00 Luca993 Luca993's Live Review EP1: μ's First Love Live!

Hi, and welcome back to Luca993's Live Review. Today we are taking a look to μ's First Love Live!
DISCLAIMER: Everything you will read is based ONLY on personal thoughts, I do not intend to belittle any person / live / song. I love Love Live and I will do everything in my power to get more people to love it. Everything you will read is written by me, so, I apologize in advance if there are grammar errors, I will try my best to use my B2 english as better as I can. If I will take some inspiration from the internet, i'll make sure to include the link to the webpage. That said, enjoy LLR
μ's First Love Live! Took place in Yokohama BLITZ on 19th February 2012. You can find more info and the setlist here
We are greeted by a short video, while all the girls take their place behind a curtain. “come true our dreams”(Honoka). There are really a lot of people in the audience, when the camera switch to the side view, there is probably less than two meters beetween the stage and the audience.
And then...Bokura no live, Kimi to no life. The crowd is going crazy, the costumes are amazing. The first smile of Emi Nitta is really something to remember. The dance is simple but effective, I cannot focus on anything else, is so magnetic. When there are solo parts with low volume instrumental you can hear the audience singing with the girls XD. It's time for self introductions, unluckily there are no call and response for all of them, (just Soramaru, Rippi, Kussun). The crowd goes crazy when Soramaru propose μ's to take off their clothes, because it's really hot. In the end, they just detach the sleeve part of the costume XD. The crowd goes wild again when a water bottle is passed among the girls, basically meaning indirect kisses from and to everyone.
I really like Natsuiro Egao, especially the part when part of the girls are singing the main lyrics and the others are singing the side part. Oh, also, I adore Kussun's “Atsui kedoooooooo”. This song is one of my favourites, it's impossible to not smile while listening at it.
Now, it's time to switch to “unit mode” First, BiBi (Pile, Nanjolno, Soramaru) is incredible how a costume change and the lyrics makes them feel so adult, expecially Soramaru. I can't stress enough how much the crowd is packed, causing the girls to remember to move back a little bit. And also I can't stress enough that since the venue is small, all the audience singing is clearly audible XD.
Now it's time for the “Spring side”, Primtemps makes their appearance (Emitsun, Ucchi and Shika) with the classic “love marginal”. As I saw their costumes I keep thinking that they are looking like a marshmallows. Then they start to sing “sweet & sweet holiday”, and I think that since this song is all about sweets and candy, the costumes are VERY probably made to resemble marshmallows. Emitsun brings some chocolate, and of course it gets thrown also to the audience. Solo time! First up is Emitsun with “mou hitori ja nai yo”. A relaxed song, fitted perfectly for Emi Nitta, her voice is like “hugging” every listener.
Ucchi with “spicaterrible” is great, the crowd singing “ooooooooooo hey” is really loud. Also the bridge, that is basically a “self talk”, is perfectly executed, although I think this song is not fitting 100% for Ucchi Now, let's talk Mimorin. I have to be honest here, I think her voice is really one of the best I ever heard, it's warm, comforting but still powerful. I'll try to reset my bias, “watashitachi wa mirai no hana” is a little too porferful for her. I think there are other songs which fits her the most.
Rippi and Kussun get on the stage, and start to ask question to the audience like “how may boys?”, “how many girls?” and the obious one “How many transgenders?”. Mimorin joins them,
As they are together on the stage, lily white formation begins to sing “shiranai love, oshiete love”. In my opinion, they are the most balanced unit (at least vocally), it's like they can balance their voices: warm like Mimorin, sharp like Kussun, “decise” like Rippi. A NO NE GA N BA RE is one of my favourites, maybe for the catchy rhythm. Now the nine girls are on the stage again and they introduce the VTR from their camp. It look like they are having fun, but they are working really hard, also Rippi helps Nanjolno with the dance steps. Mimorin looks a little worried, and is immediately reassured by Emitsun. While the other units are rehearsing , Rippi starts to get emotional, she later explained that the lyrics of love marginal made her feel really sad (yeah, I can understand that).
Moggyutto love is played, I love also this song, it shows how much sweet words can uplift your day. It's Snow Halation time! Well, what can I say, Seeing it performed the first time just makes me emotional. The crowd “hey, hey” almost covers the girl's voices. Unluckily, during “todokete” just a few people changes their cyalume color to orange.
Time for the Encore Yuujou no change is so good, and the crowd waving their arms with the girls is pure bliss to see. Aishiteru banzai. I had to stop writing because I wanted to sing it. Also the lyrics are so on point, perfect for this moment. Nanjolno takes her time for the memories, how they did'nt know eachother, how much they trained, how they didn't know how things were developing, and how much they are surprised to where they are now. Then she procceds to thank all the dance teachers, is so good to hear the audience clapping and shouting “arigato”. It makes me feel that the bond created during those small events, is something that maybe in larger venues, is more difficult to do. Almost everyone started crying, expecially when the teachers are mentioned, those girls are just so filled with gratitude. They believed that there was the chance that only few people would attend this event.
Announcements time! Re living the fist singles, and then announcing the first anime season is just an emotional bomb. Even I feel happy for them, although the anime was announced in 2012 and it's been 8 years.
Final MC Mimori Suzuko (Sonoda Umi): She was surprised when told that they would have been doing a live, and, expecially, dancing other than singing. She was really worried, had a lot of difficulty, but she is really happy for how the things are going. Tokui Sora (Yazawa Nico): She also was surprised when told about the live, she went for so much trouble, but now she is 100% confident, she also grow nice biceps XD Pile (Nishikino Maki): She starts refering at how much everyone has worked hard, and that “i don't know if we are doing another live after this” makes me wonder how many more there will be for them XD. Kubo Yurika (Koizumi Hanayo): Her smile is the most sincere until now (IMHO). She says that she didn't have many friends (like Hanayo), and that the rehearsal were like a getaway from a ordinary life os loneliness, where she could meet a lot of people. She's so sweet. Kusuda Aina (Tojou Nozomi): the first sentence: “Since the rehearsal have started, there have been nothing but difficulties” is said in a voice so sincere that almost got me to tears, and she finishes with “Uchi shiawase” like Nozomi would do. I love Kussun Lida Riho (Hoshizora Rin): “it's so sad, it isn't, even I am unsure about it”It's her first time dancing while singing, She talks bout Lily White dances and how much Mimorin and Kussun helped her out. Now for the emotional duo: Nitta Emi (Kousaka Honoka): She's in tears since the anime was announced “I'm just a boring person who likes to sing”. (No, No. No. Wait a couple of years and see where you will end up, without you as a leader I don't think they could have the success they've got) You can see the gratitude and happiness in her face, even through the tears Uchida Aya (Minami Kotori)Litteraly sobbing “for Love Live, for this project, it's really a story that everyone creates together, it's something that exist because everyone molded it into what it is”. (In my opinion, this is what makes Love Live one of my favourite anime, fans are not just audience. They are part of the project). She is just adorable. Yoshino Nanjo (Ayase Eli): She had a lot of trouble dancing, she is so happy to be on the stage. Last song: Bokura no LIVE, kimi to no LIFE: is good to see them like this, no dance, just singing and jumping with all their hearts. Their smiles are really heartwarming.
This was the review of μ's First Love Live! Of course, these small events are one of a kind. I loved the smile on the girl's faces and their voices.
A little anouncement for myself: I will be hospitalized for a couple of days, and I'll probably be home Friday. I'll do my best to bring the next episode in time. See you next wednesday ;)
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2020.03.17 11:51 lyricslineex Dil Laya Dimaag Laya - Stebin Ben Lyrics

Dil Laya Dimaag Laya - Stebin Ben Lyrics

Dil Laya Dimaag Laya - Stebin Ben Lyrics

New Song Dil Laya Dimaag Laya Lyrics By Kumaar. All Latest Hindi Song Like Dil Laya Dimaag Laya Lyrics By Kumaar Singer Stebin Inder, Music Zee Music Company, Lyrics by Kumaar. Also Listen on Youtube.

Dil Laya Dimaag Laya - Stebin Ben Lyrics

Dil Laya Dimaag Laya - Stebin Ben Lyrics

Tere mere ishq vich Aina hi faraq si Tainu nai si ishq di Mainu hi tadap si (Mainu hi tadap si)
Tere mere ishq vich Aina hi faraq si Tainu nai si ishq di Mainu hi tadap si
Badi der baad mainu samajh aaya Main dil laya, tu dimag laya Main dil laya, tu dimaag laya
Dil laya, dil laya main dil laaya Tu dimaag laaya tu dimaag laaya Dil laya, dil laya main dil laaya Tu dimaag laya, tu dimaag laya
Read Full Lyrics:
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2020.01.09 11:24 Zoyyaa Masstaani Mp3 B Praak Crossblade Live Gurnazar Download Punjabi Song 2020

Crossblade Live New Song Masstaani Mp3 Download By B Praak 2020. Mastani Mp3 Download in 320Kbps By Indian Artist B Praak Ft Gurnazar, Music by Gurnazar, Lyricist Happy Raikoti, Label Speed Records From Crossblade Live Season 1 – Episode 6.
Download Here
oo oo…
Tutti hoyi gall wali Gaani nahi ban’na (x2)
Ve tauba tauba main teri Masstaani nahi ban’na (x3)
Shakal’on masoom Dil deyan sacheya nu Dindi main salaahan Hun chhote chhote bacheyan nu (x2)
Banda jiddan da vi bani Par Jaani nahi ban’na Oye jiddan da vi bani Par Jaani nahi ban’na
Ve tauba tauba main teri Mastaani nahi ban’na (x2)
Ve tauba tauba… Teri masstaani nahi ban’na (x2)
Mera dil methon aina Bhar ni ho sakda Meri izzat ton vadda Tera pyar ni ho sakda (x2)
Mera hakk ni koyi tere te Pehlan kise hor da Baddua ni laini ohdi Jihda dil tod’da
Je ban ni sakdi fayda Ohdi haani nahi ban’na
Ve tauba tauba main teri Masstaani nahi ban’na (x2)
Ve izzat ki hundae Har saanh pata lagge Tera jism handave koyi Tainu taan pata lagge (x2)
Jihnu duniya maare taane Oh nishaani nahi ban’na (x2)
Ve tauba tauba Teri masstaani nahi ban’na (x2)
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2019.12.18 22:32 SwamiRamayya Do you know what film this song is from?

Do you know where this song is from? It's the song in this video.
It's singer is SPB.
Here are the lyrics of the song:
poddunne pooja antavu
madhyanam mari antavu
saayatram sarada padite
santhakku pothavu
sokantha chidimestavu
nadumantha tadimestavu
gadi aina veyyakamunde
gada bida chestavu..
chillara panullu maanukunta
jalleda padite vadaladanta
nethoti sarasam chesi pothanammo kaasi
neelone chorave chusi ayyanayyo daasi
pattaga ninne valavesi
nachave paalapitta rechave kodipetta
na puttu macha manetattu nve muddeta
na chuttu kolata
chikketattu nve muripetta
mora pettindayya laalu pattaa...
Hoi nachave paalapitta rechave kodipetta
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2019.10.29 03:57 Mac2492 Bandori Seiyuu Resources

Hi! This is by no means a comprehensive post but I wanted to provide resources for anyone interested in learning more about the Bandori seiyuu!
  For those who want to dive straight into the deep end, the Bandori Seiyuu Content Masterlist is a massive joint effort between all the Bandori translators filled with links and episodes for every Bandori program (and then some) and any subbed/translated content linked. It also has an info page with all the seiyuu names, birthday, social media links, etc... If anything important is missing, it shouldn’t be, so please message me or Forreva!
The Bandori Fandom wiki will provides basic information and trivia for each seiyuu. I also have a Bandori Seiyuu Overview, but most of the pages (aside from Argonavis) are based on my initial research over a year ago and they’re fairly out of date. My RAISE A SUILEN Overview is densely packed and up-to-date, however.
If you want a more day-to-day resource, we post all the latest seiyuu translations on @BandoriSeiyuu. It also covers some seiyuu-related news, event information, set lists, and tweet translations. For Roselia-specific content, be sure to follow @RoseliaNews as well! They focus exclusively on covering Roselia in English.
For discussing Bandori seiyuu, the Bandori Franchise Discord is the place to go! It’s filled with dedicated fans who’d be happy to answer any questions you have or just chat about random stuff. This is also the place to go if you have questions about attending Bandori events!
  Here are some of the wonderful Bandori content translators!
Name Links Content
6dm Twitter Posts summaries of Bandori streams as YouTube comments on the streams! Be sure to give them a thumbs up!
AquaticTL YouTube Covers a wider spread of seiyuu outside the three main Bandori bands.
blubsubs Twitter, Archive Everything blub subs is interesting! His YouTube channel has been eaten several times but he still posts clips on Twitter!
Choco-Mint YouTube Bandori! TV
Fanks YouTube Bandori! TV
Forreva, EiEn Subs YouTube, Twitter Covers a little bit of all the Bandori seiyuu and writes the best Popipa trivia and history posts! Created the Masterlist and brought all the translators together. =)
Geogeotime YouTube Bandori! TV, HiBiKi StYle
Ghostavich YouTube, Twitter Master of HiBiKi! Takes on the scary HiBiKi StYle videos that few subbers dare approach, and also provides much needed love for some less well-known seiyuu.
Haru YouTube, Website Bandori! TV and Roselia
IV3Y Subs YouTube Has some older Bandori content subbed!
iviachupichu Twitter, YouTube I focus on organizing seiyuu resources and covering seiyuu tweets and notable moments.
MagnAvaloN Blog Translates deeply insightful interviews that are well worth a read!
Maki's Piano Blog One of the few translators who focuses on seiyuu interviews and blog posts!
Martlemonmint YouTube Short and fun clips.
Nine YouTube, Blog Bandori! TV, Aiba Aina, and Bandori song lyrics
Soran, Hakanai Subs YouTube Subs impressively long videos!
Shig ure YouTube Highly active in subbing various Bandori programs lately!
Taeya YouTube Bandori! TV and some radio shows
TravelingCat Subs YouTube Assorted content
SaltPacket Twitter Translator for RoseliaNews! Translates a huge amount of Roselia’s tweets.
  We’re also preparing flower stands for every Bandori seiyuu (and Sato Hinata!) attending CharaExpo USA 2019 in December! The organizers are all in coordination and will arrange funds as needed, so please don’t worry about oveunderfunding and feel free to contribute to the stands for your favorite seiyuu! → CharaExpo USA 2019 Flower Stands
P.S. There's also a D4DJ Simple Sheet for those who are curious about Bushiroad's new franchise!
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2019.09.15 00:35 Tabe_- Cleaning Trolley Radio Song (eastern egg)

I managed to translate the finnish tango songs lyrics which plays on the cleaning trolleys (probably Ahti's because he is finnish guy).
Most amazing thing about that is that lyrics are Alan Wake easter egg!
The song isn't any known song in my knowledge.
So here's translated lyrics in english and finnish: (And sorry my english, there might be some small misspells.)
"Once I though the sea was a lake, a poem he told. In a mystery he spent his life.
Under a dark ocean, in a shadows he wanders. Seeking a way to his love one.
Alone the hero could travel deeper to night. Its burden on his shoulders, like promise always would.
In this game the fool is strucked to the ground. Only a slight moment of a rest is he plessed and then called back again.
Time breaks to the infinity, shot echoes. No happy ending he will never achieve. So many times this story is told. Thousand faces has a hero, path desolate.
Alone the hero could travel deeper to night. Its burden on his shoulders, like promise always would.
In this game the fool is strucked to the ground. Only a slight moment of a rest is he plessed and then called back again.
In this game the fool is strucked to the ground. Only a slight moment of a rest is he plessed and then called back again."
Same in finnish:
"Järveksi luulin merta kerran, runon lausui hän. Mysteerin sen syövereissä vietti elämän.
Alla synkän valtameren, varjoissa vaeltaa. Etsii tietä valoon luokse armaan ainiaan.
Yksin sankar yöhön syvemmälle matkaa vois. Se taakka hänen harteillaan, kuin lupaus aina ois.
Tässä pelissä tää narri lyödään, maahan aina vaan. Vaan hetki tuo lepoa suodaan, jo takas kutsutaan.
Aika särkyy ikuisuuteen, laukaus kajahtaa. Ei onnellista loppua hän kohtaa milloinkaan. Niin montaa kertaa kerrottu tää tarina jo on. Sankarilla tuhat kasvoa, polku lohdutun.
Yksin sankar yöhön syvemmälle matkaa vois. Se taakka hänen harteillaan, kuin lupaus aina ois.
Tässä pelissä tää narri lyödään maahan aina vaan. Vaan hetki tuo lepoa suodaan, jo takas kutsutaan.
Tässä pelissä tää narri lyödään maahan aina vaan. Vaan hetki tuo lepoa suodaan, jo takas kutsutaan."
edit: typos
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2019.08.26 20:16 Kaarle332 When you play the game, please listen to the tango Ahti's actor sings (Lyrics and translation here)

For anyone interested, the tango can be heard in a few sections in the game. The lyrics are a nice reference to a familiar franchise. :)
The lyrics were written by Sam Lake, sung by Martti Suosalo (Ahti's actor), and Petri Alanko composed it (Source in Finnish, here)
Please keep in mind I really did not try to keep up with the poetic style of the Finnish lyrics, as I am not a poet lol. (Also, might not be the full song as I don't have the full game yet, but from what I was able to listen, these might be all of the lyrics) I really liked the song so I tried to hunt it down, trying to also avoid huge spoilers...
Also, even though I did translate "hän" as "he", the "hän" pronoun is gender neutral in Finnish. I mostly stuck with "he" because the context of the first and second verse heavily implied Alan Wake and Quantum Break, even though the chorus is a lot more ambiguous.
EDIT: Holy. Crap. I realized that there was a stupid error in my translation... "ocean" and "lake" should be switched lol.
"Järveks' luulin merta kerran", runon lausui hän
Mysteerin sen syövereissä vietti elämän
Alla synkän valtameren varjoiss' vaeltaa
Etsii tietä valoon, luokse armaan, ainiaan

Yksin sankar' yöhön syvemmälle matkaa pois
Se taakka hänen harteillaan kuin lupaus aina ois
Täss' pelissä tää narri lyödään maahan aina vaan
Vaan hetki kuoloss' lepoo suodaan, jo takas kutsutaan

Aika särkyy, ikuisuuteen laukaus kajahtaa
Ei onnellista loppua hän kohtaa milloinkaan
Niin monta kertaa kerrottu tää tarina jo on
Sankarilla tuhat kasvoo, polku lohduton

Yksin sankar' yöhön syvemmälle matkaa pois
Se taakka hänen harteillaan kuin lupaus aina ois
Täss' pelissä tää narri lyödään maahan aina vaan
Vaan hetki kuoloss' lepoo suodaan, jo takas kutsutaan

Täss' pelissä tää narri lyödään maahan aina vaan
Vaan hetki kuoloss' lepoo suodaan, jo takas kutsutaan

English translation:
"Once, I mistook an ocean for a lake ", he recited the poem
In the mystery's depths he spent his life
Under the dark ocean's shadows, he wanders
Searching his way to the light, to his beloved, forever

Alone the hero travels deeper in to the night
This burden on his shoulders would be there always, like a promise
In the game this fool is beaten again and again
But only a moment of rest in death is given, already having to return

Time shatters, a shot echoes into eternity
He will never get a happy ending
So many times this story has been told
The hero has a thousand faces, and a hopeless path forward

Alone the hero travels deeper in to the night
This burden on his shoulders would be there always, like a promise
In the game this fool is beaten again and again
But only a moment of rest in death is given, already having to return

In the game this fool is beaten again and again
But only a moment of rest in death is given, already having to return
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2019.08.09 17:28 F_your_username Roselia live 'Flamme' full report, images, setlist and more

Roselia live 'Flamme' full report, images, setlist and more
This time, I went to the actual live. I gotta say this, the actual live experience is 3000 times better than live viewing experience. The atmosphere, the audio, the view, every thing of the actual live is way more astonishing than the live viewing’s. I really really recommend you guys to fly to Japan to attend a live, if you can. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.
  2. R
  5. Eternal Blaze
  6. Cruel Angel's Thesis
  7. This game
Interval- Keep as your characters! In Fuji-Q pt.1
  1. Fire Bird
  2. Safe and Sound
  1. Ringing Bloom
12.Sunkissed Rhodonite
Encore break and Keep as your characters! In Fuji-Q pt.2
EN.2 Nesshoku Starmine
Full playlist on Spotify (except This game)

This time, Roselia step up to the stage with an epic, elegant piano solo music. Once they were ready, the unison immediately started. Actually I was extremely tired after waiting to buy goods for 4 hrs. It was hot and crowded. However, as the unison started, I was like charged to full health immediately and started to cheer with the others. ONENESS is a perfect appetizer for the live. Brought heat to crowd as soon as it started.
Like usual, the turning by Aiai was really cool and flirted with KDHR during the verses. Importantly, Aiai sang very well at this very 1st song. In past live, Aiai is a slow starter, she didn’t perform steadily for the 1st couple songs. But this time, Aiai nailed ONENESS very well. A very good improvement by Aiai.
As expected, Non-chan nailed the solo with perfection.
Also, during this very 1st song, they were already using the flame effect. Fire was shot to the sky and also syncing with the music at the front of the stage. That was really cool, a very good stage effect that fits the name of live, Flamme(fire in German), very well. And this stage effect kept on for almost every songs.

the stage effect

  1. R
You think Roselia is done with you? Oh nonono. Right after ONENESS, Yuki performed the bass intro immediately. As usual, Aiai nailed “WE ARE!!!” and captured audiences’ heart with her posing again. No matter how many times you have heard it, you’ll still be impressed. She really possesses the lung of steel. Comparing with her performances of R before, Aiai is more steady and accurate this time. She got in the condition very quick and did very well in the opening of the live this time.
Also, Yuki is clearly more confident on stage now, you can see her did the intro and solo with ease this time. Yukki improved a lot this time, more details below.
Needless to say, Non-chan perfected the solo. Kudo-san did very well on the solo as well.
And finally, the audio crew didn’t mess up the members solo singing part this time. That was beautiful. Tbh, the audio crew did pretty well this time.

Before this song, there was member introduction. The fire of the crowd kept rising as this song was played. God-tier song, nothing more to say.
Again, Yukki and KDHR played their instrument back to back during the chorus like Lisa and Sayo do in the opening.(BRAVE JEWEL mv) And Meguchi nailed the beginning of the second verse again(BRAVE JEWEL on Spotify time-lapse: 1:39) It is very hard to believe that Meguchi has just learned playing drum for about 2 years. She is really damn good.
Most importantly, they finally did this song right. Instead of playing the recording, they let the members sing the bridge before the last chorus. This is my favourite part of this song. Listening to how tender the members was during the bridge, it made me teared up a bit. Even Yukina blindly turned on their friendship once, the 4 of them is still here for her. Because it’s Yukina made them who they are now, because ‘they’ are Roselia. The bond among them is very touching. Linking the story with the lyrics of the bridge, it makes the song 100 times better. Plus, Aiai counted from 0 to 5 with her fingers when other members sang, showing that 5 of the Roselia is together again. The scenery was poetically beautiful.
That’s why BRAVE JEWEL is easily my favourite song of Roselia. It’s intense, it’s rock, but also beautiful and touching.

2D and 3D synced seamlessly

Hey you wanna take some rest after these 3 intense songs, don’t you even think about that. After a short mc to remind the people to stay hydrated, the guitar and drum started simultaneously. The crowd including me screamed the fuck out as soon as we realized it is LOUDER. One of the most intense song of Roselia.
They really did the song flawlessly this time. In past live, Aiai was a bit off during the choruses some time. But this time, she nailed it. Aiai really improved in term of accuracy.
This time, they played the LOUDER in anime on the screen behind Roselia. It shows how synced the 3D and 2D Roselia are, especially this moment. Huge props to the anime team.
  1. Eternal Blaze
Finally some rest for the crowd. A mc about the story of Roselia, going to water park, playing NFO and so on. Then Lisa said that she want to go to cat café. Yukina agreed. But Sayo said there is a 4 men mission in NFO and ask Rinko, Ako and Lisa to play with her. Lisa agreed and left Yukina alone. Then Yukina turned into Aiai and kept rioting. The was really fun. After the joke, Yukina said today is about fire and Rinko answered fire is blaze. Then Eternal Blaze started.
A legendary song originally by Mitzuki Nana. The crowd gone crazy for this song as well. The chant from us is legendary too. Moreover, Roselia renewed this song too. Yukki, KDHR and Non-chan did an impressive solo respectively. Plus, clearly the guitar’s arrangement is way harder than the one they played 2 years ago. It proves that KDHR technique is way better now. Also she played with the vibrato too. The technique of Yukki is improved a lot as well. And Non-chan is just as good as usual. Also Aiai and Meguchi nailed it perfectly as well.
The fire effect during this song is splendid. Perfectly synced with the song. That was literally lit.

  1. Cruel Angle’s Thesis
Right after Eternal Blaze, C.A.T kicked in immediately. A very different arrangement from the OG but also very beautiful. Comparing to the C.A.T in Budokan, they clearly did better this time. It shows that their teamwork got better.
Plus, Aiai showed off her terrifying lung capacity in this song this time. At the ending of second chorus, she held the last notes for 10 seconds something. The whole arena gone crazy after this amazing showoff. That was really crazy.

  1. This game
A short mc break. Yukina asked do we wanna listen to more cover songs and the crowd cheered. Before the song started, Yukina said to Rinko, ‘Counting on you’. At that moment, I know it’s going to be This game because of the fantastic piano intro of the song. As I expected, Rinko started to play that fantastic intro. As the intro started, the crowd cheered as loud as possible. And damn, Non-chan ain’t screwing around. Non-chan nailed the intro perfectly, literally perfectly. I never expected I would say this in a BanG Dream! Live report, but it’s even better than the recording version. Non-chan is professional.
Besides, Yukki was on fire in this song too. The pull-offs performed by Yukki in the bridges gave me orgasm. Also the bass solo was lit as fuck too. Yukki showed that how much she had improved in only 4mins. I used to think Yukki is just an average bassist. After this song, Yukki impressed me a lot. I can’t wait to listen how Element Garden is going to use Yukki’s talent in new Roselia’s songs.
Also Kudo-san’s solo is spot on as well.
And Aiai is just so good, she raised the key during the last chorus, and she still nailed it. Her power vocal is one of the best thing in Roselia. That was fucking amazing, the whole arena is like burning. The heat brought by Roselia is able to burn the world down. One of the best live cover from Roselia so far.

Interval-Keep as your character!!! In Fuji-Q
There is a rumor that Roselia is actually a comedian unit, not a ‘serious cool proud girl band’. As always, the VTR is freaking hilarious. This time, they need to keep being their characters while they are playing in Fuji-Q. The whole shit is hilarious, there are some highlight.
  1. Aiai is actually a big Evagalion fan, she said she was so glad that she can do cover of the themes. There is a Eva 1 statue in Fuji-Q. When Aiai saw that, she kept staring at it for a while, then Sayo asked `Minato-san, you know him?’
Then there is the legendary conference room of ‘the scene’. Aiai played Ikari Gendou and other members played Ikari Shinji. The segment was hilarious.
  1. Then they played the coffee cup. Aiai, KDHR and Meguchi sit in the same cup. Yukki and Non-chan sit in the same one. As soon as started, Yukki and Non-chan kept spinning the cup crazily, also Non-chan kept ‘hohohohoho’. Surprisingly, Aiai held down herself and kept scolding at Ako during the ride, even the angular velocity was really crazy. That scene was hilarious. After the ride, Non-chan played too crazily that she can’t get up from the cup. Those 5 are really crazy.
  2. Also they played Merry Go Round. Yukina said the wind was pleasant so she can think up some good lyrics. Sayo asked ‘could you share the lyrics now?’ Yukina answered some mumble jumble and said 'Drink wildly on the pinnacle!'(originally is 頂点へ... 狂い咲け!(Bloom wildly on the pinnacle!) but she said 頂点へ... 狂い酒!)
  3. Non-chan looks more comfortable than the VTR at Budokan this time. It’s shows that she is getting along very well with the members. Which is very happy to see. Also, the interaction between the younger 2 is very lovely. Seems this 2 is specially close, also the official is trying to pair this 2 as well lol(my yuri sense tingling) Detail below.

After the VTR, 5 girls in white dresses appeared on stage. When the crowd saw that, we shouted crazily. The outfit is really the thing of beauty.

the outfit
Not only that, without further they say, Aiai’s singing voice broke the silence on stage. FIRE BIRD, AWWW MAN!! We shouted even more crazily as we realised that. The arena was shaking.
This song is really a god-tier song. Not only that, it’s an extremely difficult song to play, especially for the drummer and vocal. However, Meguchi nailed the goddamn intro perfectly, even better than BRAVE JEWEL. The intro of this song must be the hardest drum part in the whole Bandori franchise. I don’t know how Meguchi possesses this huge amount of power and stamina in her tiny body. Also, Meguchi lied on Afterglow Radio. She said she needs at least a year to learn FIRE BIRD. It is definitely impossible for her to play FIRE BIRD at Fuji-Q. When I heard Aiai’s vocal intro of FIRE BIRD, I thought Meguchi was going to play the simplified version, like she did when played BRAVE JEWEL for the first time. It was surprising and impressive that Meguchi can learn it this fast. Meguchi must worked extremely hard for the band. Remember, she is just a seyiuu. She doesn’t only deserve our love, she deserves our very respect.
Aiai sang well in this song too. But for the higher notes, I have a doubt. Sounds that she got help from the recording, but the sound tracks shifting is too fast that it seems impossible. If the audio crew really did the tracks shifting that fast, they are really good at their job. But it is just a theory, a LIVE THEORY. I’ll check it again when the Blu-ray is out.
KDHR and Non-chan is spot on in this song too. KDHR’s accuracy and technique improved a lot as well.
Not only the instruments part did well, other members sang well in the bridge too. I really love KDHR’s singing. She put a lot of emotion in it, she is really singing as Sayo. In BRAVE JEWEL, you can feel Sayo’s love toward other members. In FIRE BIRD, you can feel her determination to fly high with the members. I really want Sayo’s version of Determination Symphony.
Also, how in the world can Meguchi sing that steadily after those intense double kicking. Her stamina is inhuman.
Anyway, the whole arena was high as fuck, impressive performance. So impressive that I bought the physical copy of FIRE BIRD on the day after the live.
the fire effect during FIRE BIRD

  1. Safe and Sound
There was a costumes introduction before the song. When everyone see Yuki, we were like damn, that legs. I don’t remember the detail. Rinko said the she made Sayo’s with the impression of a princess and Yukina’s with the impression of a queen. Then the whole crowd burst out laugh as Aiai kept radiating her pressure.
After that powerful performance, both the band and the crowd need some rest. Here goes Safe and Sound. Beautiful song and performance. Roselia can do both metal and ballad perfectly.

  1. Neo-Aspect
Before the song, there is a short commercial time. Ako walked to the front of the stage with something in hands. Ako’s snare is confirmed to be released. At the same time, you can see Meguchi was sweating a lot and a bit exhausted. As that was an outdoor live, the hot weather may drained her stamina a lot as well. She was really doing her very best for the project.
Listening Neo-Aspect at live and on CD are totally different experience. At live, all audience sang the ‘wow oh oh’ part together. That chant was beautiful.
Also, they played this song better than last time. It’s the real Neo-Roselia now. Like the lyrics in the second chorus
Ah... on stageOnly one! Only one!Go around with your feelings
They were playing this song on stage with Akeshan and Yurishi's feelings too.
I believe this song means a lot for Roselia, a proof of they are moving on and their evolution. Let’s move on along side with Roselia with our remembrance of the graduated members in our heart.

  1. Ringing Bloom
Yukina said ‘Happy time always fly fast’ The crowd made disappoint noise. Looks like it is the end. Yukina continued, Rinko worked very hard for the piano competition. As Yukina said that, people know what song they are going to play and turned the pen light white.
Some confession by Rinko, Non-chan started to play Ringing Bloom intro. Non-chan gave me audio and visual orgasm at the same time. She played the intro perfectly and she was just performing like real Rinko. She is just so beautiful. Then other instruments joined in.
Also, Non-chan sang exactly like the recording. Her singing shows how determined Rinko is during the story. Getting help from the members, found the reason why her started to play piano, overcame the fear from the past, Rinko is filled with determination. Her singing voice was just like voice of angel. Kidnai really found a diamond out of nowhere.
Also Aiai’s amazing too. The chorus are pretty hard to sing too. But her powerful vocal makes the songs perfect. Her vocal really shows the courage and determination of Rinko. Linking it to the story, it made me teared up bit. I personally really love this kind of story.
During the performance, Aiai moved beside Non-chan. It’s like Yukina supported Rinko and be her side when she is in doubt. Also it is Aiai giving love and support to Non-chan as she is the new member. It somehow linked 3d and 2d Roselia, it’s amazing.
You think the intro is crazy enough? Oh no, the piano solo is the real shit. Once again, Non-chan played it beautifully and perfectly. That solo was literally a piece of art, a thing of beauty. There is no way you don’t love Non-chan. She can capture your heart by only playing piano.(Actually mine was captured in Vier, Non-chan’s debut)
Ringing Bloom and FIRE BIRD may be the songs I banged the most during the live. In short, Non-chan is the Goddess of Piano.

  1. Sunkissed Rhodonite
When everyone thought that was it, suddenly, a soft piano solo started. People turned their pen light red immediately.
Never expected they would play this song as curtain call. However, this song definitely fit the live title, Flamme. There is burning blaze, melting fire. There is also heart-warming, healing flame, like Lisa-nee.
Aiai, KDHR and Yukki sat on the stage during the second verse, that view was beautiful.
I must admit I'm just a little bitch, every time I hear this song, I still think about Yurishi and tear up, as the lyirics goes
Even if we’re apart, I have a place I can call homeYou were always by my sideThe sun and the moon go on shiningMy strong person, rhodonite in the sun
This part gets me every single time.
However, Yukki’s performance gets better every time. As I said, she was very confident this time. Playing the bass coolly, like Lisa, also like Yurishi was. I’m really thankful we have Yukki as Lisa. She is doing this perfectly. Nailed the intro and solo. Moving around on the stage confidently. MCing just like Lisa. The close-up shots on Yukki during this song were beautiful too. Yukki kept radiating Lisa aura during the whole live. She was really stunning as Lisa on stage.
Nakashima Yuki is Imai Lisa
After the solo, like every time, Aiai brought Yukki to the center of the stage and gave her the mic to sing. You can feel love from how Aiai looked at Yukki. It was really like Yukina and Lisa irl. Seeing this scene, I teared up again. I’m touched by how the og members embrace the new comers with selfless love. Aiai hugged Yukki this time too. People may say it was the song of Yurishi, but it is also the song of Yukki now.
At the outro, whole arena sang the 'oh oh' part all together. That was magnificent.
The song finished with a close-up shot on Yukki, that shot was so beautiful that I can't help but screamed 'LISA-NEE!!!!!!!!!' Yukki did this whole show justice. It's been a year that Yukki joined Roselia, and she really lives on Yurishi's legacy now.
The 5 of them played Rhodonite with smile on their faces this time again. That were the brightest smile I've ever seen. It's obvious why they put Ringing Bloom and Rhondite at the end of the live, it's their remembrance of the graduated members, also the welcome to the new members. Overcame the sorrow of parting, the roses will bloom beautifully that no one has ever been.

Enocore VTR Keep as your character!!! In Fuji-Q pt.2
The comedian unit 'Roselia' is here again.
  1. The official really love pairing Non-chan and Yukki. They are grouped to the fear box again. Like last time, they touched each hands again and the video team edited the footage with some Careless Whisper like music. The whole scene is like cut out from a highschool love drama. Anyway, both of them got the right answer, which was watermelon.
  2. At last. the staffs asked Aiai played the fear box suddenly, which is not written on the script. Other put some ice in the fear box. When AIai touched the ice, she thought it was some living creature and got in extreme fear. That was extremely funny.

As soon as the VTR is finished, 5 roses rose up on stage again. Aiai thanked for the encore chant (but we haven't started it yet...) then BLACK SHOUT kicked right in. If there is a Roselia live, there must be BLACK SHOUT.
Kudo-san missed the intro a bit, it was not synced with the piano but they somehow fixed it.
The origin of Roselia, the Neo-Roselia still nailed it. Not much to say, the crowd banged like crazy, undoubtedly a god-tier song.
After the short pause before the last chorus, they shoot the firecracker. The crowd cheered after the shot. The stage effect of this show was perfect. But there was more...
After the song, Kudo-san explained why she missed the intro. Right before the song started, her ribbon on hand is loose and fell off. That's why she missed, She asked the others if they can play the intro again for redemption. The staff answer it's ok and they played the intro again. The intro was ended by Aiai hilariously.
It's the very 1st song of Roselia, now played by the renewed Roselia. Even they are no longer the same, the quality hasn't change a bit.

EN Result of Keep as your character!!! In Fuji-Q
The one who broke the rule least can get a prize and the one who rule who broke the most will get a punishment.
In short, Yukki won at day1. And the prize is the firework of Lisa's image colour(carmine red). And the reveal of the loser was very intense, the whole arena was expecting Aina Aiba must be the loser. Bang! the loser was Non-chan!!!! Because Non-chan 'hohohohohoho' too much when she was in Fuji-Q, the staff kept deducting her marks as she 'hohohohoho'. And the punishment is to do the ending announcement.

EN2. Nesshoku Starmine
The grand finale of the live, also the true climax of the day.
Top quality performance by Roselia as usual.
'頂点へ... 狂い咲け!'
After this epic line, the stage shot FIREWORK to the sky!!!!!!!!! The whole arena gone absolute insane. Everyone gone totally hyper after this epic scene!!! Combining the awesome performance, the god-tier song and magnificent firework, everyone in the venue kept cheering as loud as possible. The atmosphere of the venue is burning hot. Not only the stage, they shot the firework above the crowd, some exploded right above me. It was so sumptuous that made me absolutely wordless. I can't find any words to describe how epic, amazing that scene was. I'm still able to feel the heat of the arena after all these days. That performance was totally burnt in my eyes. It's truly an unforgettable experience.
After the songs has ended, the crowd was still cheering like crazy. Even it's over 2hrs from the live started, the crowd was still on absolute fire. You can imagine how awesome the last song was.
In case you don't know, starmine is actually a firework shooting technique which is continuously shoot fire work. So shooting firework really match Nesshoku Starmine.

the firework

fire work2

firework 3

Comment on the members
She totally nailed the whole show this time, R, C.A.T, This game, FIRE BIRD, Ringing Bloom. She nailed all this crazily difficult songs like a boss. Her accuracy was very spot on this time, may be the best performance she've ever had.
As always, her body language is definitely the icing on the cake. It emphasised the emotion of every songs, like the bond in BRAVE JEWEL and the determination of FIRE BIRD. She is a really talented stage artist.
At the ending comment, she said something like 'how was the improved us?' I think she worked very very hard for this live. And in fact, she did improved a lot comparing to the past lives.

The Proud Diva, Minato Yukina
She gets better every time I went to live. Everyone who is familiar with music should notice it, Roselia's guitar part is way more easier than PoPiPa's. It's because the arranger doesn't want to push KDHR too hard. And to be honest, KDHR at the beginning of the project was just an average guitarist at best. As time goes on, she keeps getting better. Her accuracy was very good at Budokan and Fuji-Q. Also, FIRE BIRD and Ringing Bloom ain't no nothing easy to play, and KDHR still nailed it. I always see that she practice guitar til 0100 on twitter. Her professionalism really deserves our respect. She earned not only my love but also respect.
And I personally really love her singing, it's not about technique, it's her emotion. By only Listening to her singing, the story of Sayo and the character arc will appear in your brain suddenly. She is really singing as Hikawa Sayo. That's how much emotion she put in the performance,
Anyway, she is a born comedian. Said the joke and dealt with commercial time perfectly.

Hikawa Sayo focusing on playing guitar
Meguchi earned my wholehearted respect this time. Roselia's songs getting more and more difficult, especially the drum part. Her situation is more difficult than KDHR's, as she knows absolutely nothing about drumming before joining Roselia. Kidnai made a humongous bet on Meguchi, what if Meguchi couldn't learn playing drum? Roselia gotta be in big trouble. By miracle, Kidnai's plan worked well, very well. Meguchi became one hell of a drummer in these 2 years. From zero to able to play BRAVE JEWEL and FIRE BIRD, I really don't know how Meguchi accomplish it. Remember, she is a seyiuu, she got jobs to do, and she still learnt playing all these difficult songs. Actually, she lied on Afterglow radio too, she said she needs a year to learn playing FIRE BIRD and won't be able to play it at Fuji-Q. I can't imagine how much effort she put on learning all these songs for Roselia, Ako and us, the BanGDreamer.
At the ending comment, she said she knows that the fans are worrying about her heath (she almost passed out once after a performance). And she answered instead of pushing herself too hard, she is just breaking the limit. Now this is professionalism and love toward the members, Ako and the BanGDreamers. I was touched by her short speech. She earned my absolute and sincere respect after Flamme. She deserves our love and respect.

The Dark Devil King summoning inferno from netherland
Keeping the momentum at Budokan, she is doing better and better over time. Bass technique, the Lisa aura and the MC, Yukki did very well on all these things once again. As i said at the Budokan report, Yukki created her own Lisa with the legacy of Yurishi, which is amazing. Her MC is even better this time, the conversations among she and the members are more natural this time. Most importantly, she looked really confident this time, you can tell it from her body language and facial expression. In the past performance, she looked not totally in the situation, and at Budokan she got better. This time she is even better! She is like saying 'I'm Imai Lisa' by her face. I won't talk so much that said in pervious report, in short, Nakashima Yuki is Imai Lisa.
And the her interaction with Aiai in Rhodonite was very lovely. You can feel the love and bond between them. No wonder why Yukki is confident now, it's because of the love and support from the og members.
Her technique got way better, the pull-offs and solo in This game ain't no jokes. Can't wait to see how will Element Garden utilize Yukki's full potential in future.

Imai Lisa in real life

help you understand how strong the Lisa aura of Yukki is
In short, she is Goddess of Piano. Her technique is really distinguished, words cannot deliver how great she is, just watch the live footage available on Youtube. Kidnai's choices is never wrong.
For MC, Non-chan is really natural this time. Although she is not as active as other, it was good enough. She is not as funny as KDHR or Aiai, but her Tennen Boke did bring some laugh to the crowd.
Her sining is even more splendid. As I recall, she wanted to become a singer more than a keyboardist when she graduated.(Her major was vocal music and Rock and Pop music) No wonder why her singing voice is so good. Want to hear her singing? Just listen to ringing Bloom. This diamond is definitely going to shine.
Plus, she is really like 3D Rinko on stage, both are gorgeous and elegant, cool and beautiful when playing keyboard on stage. She may be dull about voice acting now, but give her some time, I'm sure she going to shine.
Shinokane Rinko in real life

Overall comment
Awesome live performance. 5 of Roselia really improved a lot as individual and as a team. Respect their effort for the live and love them way more after the live. Going to the actual live is 3000 times better than live viewing. The audio is awesome, the camera shot was beautiful. The backstage was doing very well this time. Hope Bushiroad can keep it up.
Trust me, go to the live at least once, it is going to be an unforgettable experience.

submitted by F_your_username to BanGDream [link] [comments]

2019.05.02 17:35 IfritKorvall Интересные группы И малоизвестные группы Ч.2

Интересные группы И малоизвестные группы Ч.2
Не смотря на то, что первый пост не порвал редит не нашел большого отклика, я остаюсь верным идее двигать Р.кабу оригинальным контентом. Ну и кроме того 3 новых подписчика, появившихся после первого поста не оставляют мне возможности для дезертирства)
В комментариях к первому посту часто звучал лейтмотив "мне не нравится рок, но спасибо за пост". НЕ берусь рушить и шатать чужие вкусы, просто хочу заметить, что судить музыку только по названию жанра в наше время уже не совсем корректно, ведь многие исполнители жанры смешивают добиваясь особого звучания, не типичного для исходного для них стиля. К тому же любой эстрадный певец/певица может поставить на сцену пару ребят с тяжелыми гитарами, что даст ему весьма хардкорный звук...тем не менее везде будет фигурировать жанр "поп-музыки", и наоборот. Death metal коллектив вполне может запилить балладно-лирическую песню, которая не порвет даже самы нежный слух. Тем не менее формально группа останется тяжелой. Крч. надо слушать)

  1. Spiritual Front
Откуда: Италия *темпераментные звуки *
Жанр: Neofolk, Dark Cabaret, Noir, Шансон (таки явление интернациональное)
Период: с 1999- по н.в.
Альбомы: Songs for The Will (1999), Nihilist Cocktails for Calypso Inferno (2001), Armageddon Gigolo’ (2006), Rotten Roma Casino (2010), Open Wounds (2013), Black Hearts in Black Suits (2013), Amour Braque (2018)
Вокал, Акустическая гитара - Симоне Сальватори («Hellvis»)
Соло-гитара - Ричард Галатам
Ударные - Андреа Фреда
Осторожно! Частое упоминание свободной любви и смерти в текстах.

О группе. Не смотря на довольно солидный возраст, информации о группе не так много. Фактически это "Группа одного человека".Симоне Сальватори собрал коллектив в 99 году в Риме, откуда сам и родом, он же является автором музыки и текстов для большинства песен. Изначальна группа позиционировала себя как сугубо неофолк проект с характерным минималистическим звучанием. Но уже к середине 2000х группа сползла на стык различных стилей, сами они характеризуют свой жанр как «нигилистическая суицидальная поп-музыка». У SF вообще весьма характерная смесь тематик из смерти, религии, нигилизма, свободного секса, революции и т.п. (итальянцы такие итальянцы). Кстати касательно религии. Сальватори не только вырос в Риме, самом католическом из всех городов, но еще и учился в школе при монастыре. Естественно что после такого могла сформироваться или яро атеистическая или ультра религиозная личность, но руководствуясь собственными принципами отрицания любых канонов и при этом поиском компромиссов Сальватори выработал весьма здравое отношение к религии: "...мне нравится религия. Это часть наших традиций. А традиции — это часть нас. И пусть я не хожу в церковь по воскресеньям, я все равно уважаю религию как часть нашей культуры..." (взято из интервью журналу Hitech). Группа активно гастролирует и имеет свою небольшую но очень сплоченную фанбазу, состоящую из чрезвычайной разношерстной публики. Вот примеры некоторых песен: - Song for the old man - Darkroom Friendship (NSFW!!!) - Tenderness Through Violence (NSFW) - Vladimir Central (нет это не шутка)

Интересные факты. Если в Yandex вбить "Симоне Сальватори" то второй строкой будет "Симоне Сальватори ориентация". Хотя прямого упоминания я так нигде и не встретил.
В одном из интервью встречал весьма негативные высказывания Сальватори о Хип-хопе, главным образом из за его "однообразности и скучности" - в звучании и "вычурности" - в клипах.
Недавно появился первый альбом сайд проекта Сальватори "The Lust Syndicate" в отличие от SF имеет крайне политизированную направленность,в основном "левого" толка.
Также Сальватори является ярым фанатом тату и увлекается историей кхм кхм российской тюремной татуировки, и даже написал песню под впечатлением от колоритности тюремной системы РФ - "Vladimir Central". Когда ему сообщили что песня с таким названием уже существует - послушал, понравилась)
Ну и пару личных фотографий с их концерта:
  1. Allegaeon
    (произносится как Эллиджн)

Откуда: США *звуки наступающей демократии*
Жанр: Technical Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Период: с 2008 - по н.в.
Альбомы: Fragments of Form and Function (2010), Formshifter (2012), Elements of the Infinite (2014), Proponent for Sentience (2016), Apoptosis (2019)
Вокал - Рили МакШейн
Соло-гитара - Грег Бургес
Ритм-гитара - Михаель Стансел
Бас-гитара - Брендон Михаель
Ударные - Брендон Парк
Осторожно! Тяжелый звук

О группе. Пару сухих фактов. Группа собралась в 2008 году в штате Колорадо. Целых 2 года ребята катали по мелким барам, и небольшим (квартирным) клубам, так что Fragments of Form and Function они смогли записать только в 10 году. На данный момент считаются одной и самых перспективных метал групп в штатах, однако за пределами родного рынка не имеют широкой известности. Одной из причин этого является специфическое звучание Тех Метала...по сути это идейной продолжение Прогрессив Рока, но с более тяжелым звуком. Т.е. Это те стили во главу угла которых ставится техника и сложность исполнения. Если помните в старом рунете ходили приколы описывающие одну и туже сказку о спасении принцессы от дракона сточки зрения разных музыкальных стилей...Так вот с точки зрения прогрессив рока принцеса и дракон погибнут от скуки во время исполнения длиннющих соло партий на гитаре. Иными словами оценить и главное кайфануть от сложнейшей музыки и сложнейшего исполнения могу только такие же технари как и те что ее играют. Так что любая группа решившая стать на узкую и скользкую дорожку Тех. метала должна понимать что ей придется или быть широко известной в крайне узких кругах или искать компромисс между техникой и простотой восприятия. Например можно делать ставку на атмосферность музыки как например Aenimus, который мне рекомендовали в прошлый раз (да u/rip3noid, я их послушал, но как то не проникся) или топить в драйв, мешая технику с MDMом, как это сделали Allegaeon, первый альбом которых был скорее техничным, а далее ставка на смещение с техники на драйв сделала свое дело, альбомы зазвучали лучше и для более "широкой" аудитории (последним альбомом я увы не проникся, может настроение было не под него). Отдельного упоминания заслуживает тематика песен. Тут (внезапно) прослеживается явный уклон в научные темы: Физика, криогеника, сферы Дайсона, биология, генная инженерия, стволовые клетки и внеземная жизнь (все это перемешать но не взбалтывать) . - Stellar Tidal Disruption - Of Mind and Matrix - 1.618 (да, парни могут в юмор, рекомендую посмотреть)
Интересные факты. У команды есть свой маскот "Майлз", чувак в костюме Пут краба, отсылка к стилю Crab core.
Гитарист Грег Бургес является настоящим виртуозом гитары, его часто можно найти на тематических видео, а многие песни Allegaeon включают "чистые" гитарные партии
Ребята активно ведут свою страницу на Facebook, частнько размещая там мемы собственного производства, тем самы поддерживая когнитивный диссонанс между научной тематикой тестов, брутального внешнего вида и шуточным раздолбайством в повседневной жизни.

  1. Exit Eden
Откуда: Американо-германо-франко-бразильский квартет *звуки интернационала*
Жанр: Symphonic Metal, Melodic Metal
Период: с 2017 - по н.в.
Альбом: Rhapsodies in Black (2017)
Участники (цы):
Вокал - Аманда Сомервиль
Вокал - Анна Брюмер
Вокал - Клементна Делауни
Вокал - Марина Ла Торрака
Осторожно! Противопоказаний нет...разве что вы не боитесь сразу четырех сильных и независимых женщин

О группе. Три Четыре девицы под окном...пели поздно вечером. На самом деле Exit Eden типичный пример "Супергруппы" собранной из представительниц метал сцены из разных стран, успевших зарекомендовать себя на музыкальном поприще. Формально группа собрана в Германии американкой Амандой Сомервиль (блондинка по центру), успевшей до Exit Eden отметится в таких группах как: Avantasia, Alice Cooper, Epica, HDK, Kiske/Somerville, Aina, Trillium а также несколькими сольными альбомами. Француженка Клементна Делауни (крайняя слева), обладающая сопрано, приняла участие в: Visions of Atlantis, ex-Serenity, Melted Space, и Whyzdom. Бразильская певица Марина Ла Торрака (вторая справа) действующая участница группы Phantom Elite. И наконец немка Анна Брюмер (крайняя справа), ранее не отличившаяся в крупных (хотя бы относительно) проектах. Как говорят сами участницы цель группы показать что любая известная песня может быть переложена на "метальное" звучание. Собственно первый и пока единственный альбом группы представляет собой сборник каверов на популярные песни известных исполнителей, например Depeche Mode, Adel, Rihanna, Madonna и т.д. сама по себе идея метал каверов сатара как мир, но в большинстве случаев это кончается просто утяжелением звука и, иногда, потерей качества (хотя бывает и наоборот). В данном случае песни раскрывается с новой мелодической стороны (ну и конечно гитары на перегрузе никуда не делись), в конце концов 4 сильные певицы могут затащить любую вокальную партию. - Paparazzi (Lady Gaga Cover) - Unfaithful (Rihanna Cover) - Impossible (Shontelle Cover)

Интересные факты. Если антураж во всех клипах вам показался похожим, то так и есть. Арендовать особняк стоит денег...группа новая...не пропадать же съемочному времени. Весьма практичны подход)
Аманда Сомервиль, также является педагогом по вокалу.
В записи и продюсировании альбома помогала целя плеяда музыкантов, среди которых Simone Simons (Epica), Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Edguy, Kamelot) и др.

  1. Ghost Brigade
Откуда: Финляндия *звуки уважения к личному пространству*
Жанр: Melodic Metal, Doom Metal
Период: с 2005 - по 2015 (увы)
Альбомы: Guided By Fire (2007), Isolation Songs (2009), Until Fear No Longer Defines Us (2011), IV - One With the Storm (2014)
Вокал - Манне Иконен
Соло-гитара - Томми Кивиниеви
Ритм-гитара - Вилли Науккаринен
Бас-гитара - Джони Сааламо
Ударные - Вели-Матти Суихонен
Клавиши - Джони Ванханен
Осторожно! Звук не слишком тяжелый но часто может нагнать грусть...

О группе. Ребята собрались в Финляндии в городе Юваскюля. По факту Ghost Brigade, не стал рожденным с нуля проектом, созданным новичками. Все участники уже были профессиональными музыкантами и участники групп. Так Вилли Науккаринен и Томми Кивиниеви пришли из Sons Of Aeon, Вели-Матти Суихонен из Sunride, а вокалист Манне Иконен перекочевал из Paraxism. Изначально парни не планировали превращать сове объединение в проект, но сыграться получилось и исходный материал устроил всех членов группы. Через два года свет увидел их первый альбом. По словам участников " Нет ничего ниже или выше нас, ни одно написанное слово не отражает истинную мудрость, записи лишь несут тихий огонь". Собственно говоря идея "тихого огня" и легла в основу Guided By Fire. Критики описывали его как состоящий из "темной и умной музыки". Последующие альбомы продолжают концепцию. Лично я полюбил этот коллектив за особое звучание. Оно не слишком "затянутое" для по сравнению с остальными Doom коллективами и не слишком мягкое как для Melodic Metal. Прекрасное сочетание атмосферных тихих переборов и "чистого" вокала переходящих тяжелые и энергичные партии с приятным гроулом. К сожалению части слушателей группа может не зайти из за общего минорного звучания. В 2015 команда взяла перерыв на неопределенный срок, но в продолжение деятельности верится с трудом. Для меня Ghost Brigade является ярким бриллиантом в коллекции Melodic Doom Metal. - My Heart is a Tomb - Clawmaster - Aurora (lyrics видео)

Интересные факты. Группа не брала своей целью продажу максимально количества альбомов и получение максимальной прибыли. В основе их деятельности лежал сам процесс написания песен.
У группы было мало выездов и гастролей, за ее историю.

  1. Violet Cold
Откуда: Азербайджан *звуки Каспия*
Жанр: Ambient, Noise, House, Drum and bass, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Shoegaze, Sludge, Crust, Powerviolence, Post-rock, Post-black metal and depressive black metal. (Как тебе такое Илон Маск)
Период: с 2013 - по н.в.
Альбомы: Lilu (2013), Desperate Dreams (2015), Neuronaut (2016), Magic Night (2016), Anomie (2017), Sommermorgen (Pt. I), (Pt. II), (Pt. III) (2018), Kosmik (2019)
Вокал/Компазитор - Емин Гулиев
Осторожно! Музыка ОЧЕНЬ сильно не для всех! При том что ряд композиций можно ставить детям на ночь...

О группе. О Violet Cold очень мало информации, сказывается и "непривычность" страны, подобная музыка в исламе не приветствуется, и сама сложность жанров и их малая распространенность и отсутствие явного промоушена. Группа представляет собой экспериментальный проект Емина Гулиева, в ней все от музыки до оформления альбомов и продвижения это его работа. Все указанные выше стили перемешаны в жесткий коктейль, и если одни мелодии могут помочь вам улететь к звездам и растворится в омуте снов, то другие вышибут из вас всю дурь, а третьи взорвут мозг тем какого хрена это вообще все сочетается!? Ах да все альбомы можно найти в свободном доступе. - Kosmik (целиком) (Слушать на свой страх и риск) - Sommermorgen (все 3 части) - Magic Night (Слушать на свой страх и риск)

Интересные факты. Емин тоже может в мемы
Все это творит человек без музыкально образования...

Друзья надеюсь вам понравился пост. Жду от вас комменты. В планах сделать подобную же подборку, но, например, по группам с индустриально электронным звучанием, или наоборот со скандинавски фолковым. Также, вероятно будет пару постов целиком посвященных 1 группе и ее творческим метаморфозам.
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2019.04.16 16:56 laneloveslipstick A comprehensive list of Jeffree Star's many controversies

After seeing a few comments and threads asking “what did Jeffree Star do?” or “is there any proof?” I decided to put together a comprehensive list of Jeffree Star’s controversies, accompanied by proof when possible. I will try to list them in chronological order. I am trying to make this list to be as detailed and comprehensive as possible, so although I am including things that some may argue are “small” or “petty,” please do not think I am trying to equate them with the overall bigger issues with Jeffree Star; his racism, sexism, classism and overall violent demeanor.

I most likely forgot something. Please let me know below and I will add it to the body of this post!

To Start: Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is an internet personality and beauty brand owner from Orange County, CA. Jeffree got his start at internet fame in the early 2000s on MySpace. Around 2006, he began releasing music and garnered a large following online. In 2009 he released his first and only album, Beauty Killer. He had a lot of success at first, joining Warped Tour and working with artists like Akon, but he abruptly left the music scene in 2013. About a year later in 2014, Jeffree launched his brand “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” with a line of liquid lipsticks. Jeffree started posting YouTube videos to promote his new brand and eventually expanded to posting other beauty related videos as well. His YouTube channel and brand have since become extremely successful and in 2019, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a multi-million dollar company and Jeffree’s YouTube channel has over 16 million subscribers.

Now, let's get into what makes Jeffree Star so controversial.

- This video is a compilation of Jeffree Star using racial slurs. One video in particular shows Jeffree violently yelling at women walking down the street calling them “n*****.” This footage can be traced back to 2004-2006, and Jeffree would have been 19-21 years old at the time. Video

-In an infamous ‘skit’ Jeffree did back in 2006, Jeffree and a friend made “jokes” about using battery acid to lighten a black woman's skin tone."You say black folk cannot wear MAC Cosmetics, and then you splashed acid in her face." "Well maybe if she wasn't wearing the wrong foundation color, I wouldn't have HAD to splash no battery acid to lighten her skin tone, girl." Skit starts at 3 minute mark

-In 2009, Jeffree called Tila Tequila a “whore,” in an interview. He was asked if his lifestyle would be possible without the internet, to which he replied “me and that whore, Tila Tequila, are the ones that capitalized on it. Her and I used to be friends but I am not into people that think they have to be like, naked all the time. You don’t have to prostitute yourself to be successful.” Although Tila Tequila has a history of being problematic herself; one could argue that Jeffree’s comment speaks to his hatred for women, especially those who express their sexuality. Interview

-In 2013, Dahvie Vanity of the band Blood On The Dance Floor was accused of sexually assaulting underage girls. Back when Jeffree was still making music, he had collaborated with BOTDF and spent time with them on Warped Tour. After these accusations came out, Jeffree tweeted “I’m gonna speak the truth til I die. We saw @botdfmusic Dahvie bring under age girls to his hotel rooms an do sexual things. 100% ILLEGAL.” This clearly shows that Jeffree was aware of what was happening, that it was illegal, and yet still was complicit. Later that year, Jeffree tweeted that he had “so much love” for Dahvie, and Dahvie replied saying that Jeffree apologized to his face for making the false accusations. So either 1. Jeffree sat back while his friend raped underage girls, then later “forgave him” for this. or 2. Jeffree made false accusations against a former friend. Either situation is telling of how truly problematic Jeffree is. Relevant article about Dahvie that references Jeffree's accusations ; Dahvie saying Jeffree apologized for the 'false accusations' ; Jeffree showing love and support for Dahvie, months after accusing him of being a rapist
-EDIT: After looking into this again, 'Dahvie Vanity' is absolutely guilty, so Jeffree did not lie about the accusations. He did, however, double down on the accusations and go back to being friends with a rapist. Just this month, Huffington Post put out an article detailing the accusations against Dahvie Vanity, which involves at least 21 women. You can read that here.

- In 2016, after the release of Jeffree’s skin frost highlighters, a fan/YouTuber by the name of RockyRoadkill uploaded a video about his experience with the product. The title was arguably clickbaity, but the content of the video revealed that Rocky was a huge fan of Jeffree’s that waited in line at DragCon to be one of the first to purchase the Skin Frost. When Rocky opened the compact, the highlighter pan was not glued down, and the entire pan fell out and shattered. Rocky went on to email customer service, who said they would not refund him or replace his product because he purchased it at DragCon. Overall, the video was civil. Rocky was still a fan of Jeffree’s and still wanted to try the product, despite the bad experience. Jeffree, who clearly did not watch the video, commented on Rocky’s social media saying “Instead of emailing my customer service or reaching out to me personally, you make a slander video? How pathetic. You’re desperate for views and attention. My customer service team would of happily sent you a replacement or refunded you. You failed to contact them. We will be reaching out to YouTube about this defamation.” One could chalk this up to a simple misunderstanding, but Jeffree’s tendency to immediately attack anyone who criticizes him is telling. Relevant article with screenshots

-In 2016, Jeffree Star and MakeupShayla got in an argument that resulted in Jeffree calling Shayla a “c***,” and threatening to “beat her into the ground.” Jeffree and Shayla both attending an Urban Decay event in Las Vegas, where Jeffree alleges that Shayla told another beauty influencer, Mariale, that she needed lip filler because her face looked deformed. Jeffree apparently was so upset about this that he later took to Twitter and called Shayla names. Shayla denied the accusations. Jeffree said “I’ll actually beat you to the fucking ground and mean it.” Shayla went on to tweet that you should never support a man that threatens to beat a woman, and Jeffree replied “but you look and sound like more a man than I relax.” He also went on to call Shayla a "broke fucking rat." Relevant article with screenshots ; Screenshots

-In 2017, Jackie Aina posted an anti-haul where she anti-hauled Jeffree Star’s entire brand, saying she could not support his brand because of previous racism and how he attacked Shayla. Jeffree responded by blocking Jackie on Twitter and calling her an “irrelevant rat,” and eventually tweeting that she “hasn’t paid her taxes in three years.” Although it has been argued that "rat" is not an inherently racist term; please note that Jeffree has only ever used this term to describe black women. Screenshot of tweet about Jackie's taxes ; Screenshot of tweet calling Jackie an "irrelevant rat" ; Revelist article

-Also in 2017, Jeffree went on a Twitter crusade against Too Faced’s then owner Jerrod Blandino. He took things too far when he began to hint that Too Faced mistreated NikkieTutorials when they collaborated with her on a palette in 2016. Jeffree tweeted that Nikkie was “suffering in silence,” and went on to give a statement to Here For The Tea that said “Her and I are no longer friends. You can confirm that. But I still respect her hustle and I watched first hand how they abused her and know how much she got paid. It's embarrassing. I think anyone else BUT me would be afraid to mention the contract. I did it to make a statement and so the audience has a taste as to WHY the palette was so sh*tty. She approved something and what was produced was not the same quality.” Nikkie never came forward and addressed this. Jeffree’s fans argue that he did this with Nikkie’s best interest in mind; but seeing as they are no longer friends, he did not ask her permission before exposing this AND Jeffree’s statement reads a bit self congratulatory- one could argue that Jeffree only did this for his own gain and did not consider how this might affect Nikkie and her business relationships. Relevant article with screenshots

-In September 2018, Jeffree's ex hairstylist, Daved, released text messages where Jeffree calls Jackie Aina a "gorilla," among other racial slurs. Although the validity of these texts has been debated, there is some circumstantial 'proof.' First, Daved posted a video where he scrolls through the message thread which proves that these are not fabricated screenshots, though it does not prove who the messages are from. Furthermore, the content of the messages (asking why Jeffree unfollowed him, Jeffree talking about Daved doing Jackie's hair, etc) further imply that it is a conversation between Daved and Jeffree. The date is 2017, so in order for the texts to be fake, Daved would've been planning this for over a year which seems totally implausible. Lastly, Daved himself was racially insensitive and complicit with Jeffree’s behavior in the messages. Daved basically called himself out by releasing these, which makes it even less likely that he did this for his own gain. Video of Daved scrolling through the texts with Jeffree ; Relevant article with more details

-In October 2018, Jeffree was called out for being culturally insensitive yet again when he wore cornrows for a Jeffree Star Cosmetics photo shoot. When he received backlash on Twitter, a fan defended him by saying " Girl, it’s not cultural appropriation. I’m black and I don’t have an issue with it and neither does anyone in my family or my friends. All I see are white people having an issue with it. It’s HAIR. There are people dying in other countries and you’re mad about HAIR? #cantrelate." Jeffree replied to this fan with " Hahaha preach!!! young kids trying to be mad at something always." Instead of maybe reassessing his actions and apologizing to fans, Jeffree went on to defend himself and accuse upset fans of trying to find something to be mad about. Photo of Jeffree in cornrow braids ; Relevant article

-Also in October 2018, Jeffree accused Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty of copying Beauty Bakerie's concept for their setting powders. He went on to post screenshots of private messages between he and Huda, said Huda Beauty should "fuck off," and accused her of being a thief. Although it has been argued whether Huda stole the idea; this situation once again shows Jeffree's obsession with "exposing" other brands and influencers under the guise of "being honest." It couldn't be more obvious that it is an attempt to get attention and make himself look like the hero, rooting for the poor underdog. Relevant article with screenshots

Please feel free to share this post, correct me on anything I may have had wrong, or add more in the comments. I'll update this post as necessary. Thanks guys!

Edit also sorry for the formatting skskskks

***edited to add***

-Lyrics from Jeffree's 2007 song "We Want Cunt" feature the n-word, among other problematic and insensitive lyrics.

-In 2009 on Warped Tour, Jeffree "roasted" his fans and told one that they "look like they have autism." He also threatened to kill an entire group of people. Video

-In 2009 Jeffree called a fan of his "fat."

-This is a fan made video that was created to highlight Jeffree’s hypocrisy. Here are some examples from the video: In 2012 while performing, a fan grabbed Jeffree's crotch. He retaliated by grabbing her hair, berated her in front of the audience, and having her kicked out. On the other hand, footage from 2009 shows Jeffree grabbing the crotch of another man (Steven Spence, internet personality/drummer?) who appears uncomfortable and immediately recoils. Next the video addresses how when Rocky Roadkill made a video about his broken Skin Frost, Jeffree said he should've reached out to customer service. He also accused Rocky of being desperate for attention and pathetic. However, when Jeffree bought Kylie Cosmetics lip glosses and found the wands to be messed up, he immediately took to SnapChat to complain and drag Kylie, rather than contacting customer service.

-In this 2010 interview there are a few relevant quotes. Jeffree admits to tasing a guy who poured water on him. When drawn comparisons between Jeffree and singer Pink because of their hair, Jeffree says that he doesn't look like her because he "doesn't look like a fucking dirty lesbian." Later in the interview he says "I don’t hang out with gay people really. Most gay guys are like women, they’re fucking annoying. There is so much drama and cattiness. I stick with the “bros.” Lastly, he says "I’m all about business, usually, but of course I like to go out and have fun. The other night I punched a girl and threw drinks everywhere. That’s just what happens if people are going to talk shit." Jeffree clearly has no problem inciting violence against women.

-In 2016, Kat Von D called out Jeffree for not paying the artist who created his logo, whom KVD introduced Jeffree to. He avoided KVD when confronted about it, and only paid and made reparations once she publicly outed him. Screenshots ; KVD's video

-For years prior to 2016, Jeffree was best friends with Kat Von D, who is an alleged antisemite.

-In 2016, Jeffree tweeted drummer Tai Wright telling him to kill himself. Article with screenshots

-In 2017, Jeffree called Kat Von D a "dumb whore" on Shane Dawson's podcast. Revelist article

-Also in 2017, Jeffree's Androgyny palette campaign drew criticism. The campaign photos of Nikita Dragun show that her skin was clearly darkened for the sake of the advertisement. Photo proof

In 2018, Jeffree manipulated drama channel TeaSpill into canceling a potential series about Jaclyn Hill by implying that Jaclyn was close to suicide over it. When this was brought to Jaclyn's attention, her response implies either that she did not give Jeffree permission to share that sensitive information about her mental health; or that it was untrue. Here is a thread on that situation.

-In 2018, he also parked in a handicapped spot at Jack in the Box in Malibu.

-In January 2019, Jeffree went off on YouTuber and fan Porcelain/Bridgette when she politely advised against trying Bhad Bhabie/Danielle Bregoli's makeup brand. He went on to post a positive review of the brand the next day, which many people believe was not genuine and/or was paid for, which is a direct contradiction of his "I'm so rich, I keep it real," narrative. Here is a more in-depth thread on the situation.

Edit 2:

-In June 2017 a girl @cjcbeauty found what she believed to be a human hair in her JSC Skin Frost Highlighter. She tweeted Jeffree, and he sent back a nasty response before blocking her. His tweets have since been deleted, but here is one screenshot. Also here is a write up about this by Allure.

-In Jeffree's June 2017 favorites video, he praised the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette and said "a few shady YouTubers swatched them and tried to say they weren't pigmented. Y'all are shady fucking c***s and you tried to do Jaclyn dirty and you're wrong for that." It's speculated that he was talking about Sam Ravndah and Beauty Birdl, who had a negative review of the palette. June 2017 Favorites Video he makes the comment @ 4:19. Here is a Karina Kaboom video about it.

-Called Queen of Blending a cesspool for saying something negative about his Onyx Skin Frost. Screenshot

-Jeffree's Mystery Boxes (Black Friday and Valentine's Day) were coming with dried up lipsticks and content that didn't match the description. Jeffree responded to the criticism with this tweet "there are peeople who don't have clean water to drink in this world...there are people who have no home because they were just burned down...You people have real problems if you are concerned about a mystery box,which was clearly stated what was inside, a MYSTERY." He quickly deleted the tweet, never responded to customers, and blocked anyone who tweeted him about it. A Twitter account titled @jeffreestarmboxes put out this statement summing up the issues.

Edit 3, 5/19/19

-This tweet from 2010 resurfaced in May 2019. In the tweet Jeffree, 24, is talking inappropriately about Justin Bieber, 16. Shortly after this tweet resurfaced, Jeffree deleted over 1000 tweets. In this video at 6:55, Jeffree addresses the deleted tweets and just says "if people tried to drag up the same thing every 6 months, you'd delete it too."

-Amidst the drama between Tati Westbrook and James Charles on May 12, Jeffree tweeted at James's brother Ian: "Why is your brother a predator?? Why'd you really move back to NYC? Exactly. Shut the fuck up." Not only is Jeffree is directly accusing James of being a predator with zero proof, but he's also publicly bullying a 17-year-old kid who is completely innocent in the entire situation.

-Jeffree continued to tweet "There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming to our home again. There's a reason why I haven't seen him since @GlamLifeGuru's birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true." Jeffree is accusing James of being a danger to society, again with no proof. Also, Jeffree seems to be lying about his feelings about James considering he tweeted him since Tati's birthday (February 14) and seemed to be cordial.

-On May 18, 2019, James Charles uploaded a video titled "No More Lies." In this video, James explains his side of the drama with Tati Westbrook. He also addresses Jeffree's tweet about him and to his brother Ian and reveals texts that Jeffree sent to him and to his friend Drew. Please read these texts here. In these messages, Jeffree accuses James of VERY serious things; molestation, false imprisonment, pedophilia, sexual harassment, etc. In James's video, there is proof that his relationships with all of the men mentioned were consensual. Jeffree is not only making false accusations in private over text but also threatening James to make these false accusations public [and doing so by calling James a "predator" on Twitter as mentioned in the previous bullet point.]

Edit 4, 10/8/19

-In a resurfaced retweet from 2012, Jeffree mocks people with disabilities. Someone tweeted to him “fighting online is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded,” to which he quote tweeted and added “HA -> RT." Here is a thread about the tweet which includes a screenshot.

-In 2014 Jeffree posted this photo to instagram, which features him wearing a jacket that has the nazi eagle on it. When called out in the comments, Jeffree replied “they [nazis] stole it, just like the swastika used to be for Buddha...Don’t spread ignorant comments without stating the facts.”
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2019.02.22 12:02 F_your_username Full report about BanG Dream! 7th live day1 'HItze'

Full report about BanG Dream! 7th live day1 'HItze'
To be clear, I went to the live viewing but not the actually arena, my experience may be slightly difference with the actual live.

First thing first, setlist here
  2. R
  3. Tamashii no Refrain
  4. Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis
Break VTR
  1. Sanctuary
  2. Hidamari Rhodonite
  3. Determination Symphony
  4. Kiseki
  7. Safe and Sound
  1. Re:birth day
  2. Nesshoku Starmine
Troll Ending
  1. Neo-Aspect

For those who don't like to read long paragraph, short comments here. Good setlist, rich contents, the audio crew and cameraman can be better, Aiai's accuracy this time is pretty average, Non-chan did a good job as a new member, Yuuki did an exceptionally good job this time, and Meguchi and KDHR were Meguchi and KDHR.

Roselia never fail our expectation for their Chunibyo entrance. And this time, they came out from fricking coffins at the center of the stage!! 5 fricking coffins just appeared at Budokan!! Only Roselia can be better than Roselia.
Coffin of Sayo's and Rinko's
Yukina's coffin

The appetizer is very heavy. The crowd went fricking crazy as soon as the guitar intro kicked in. Exceptional performance by them. However, the audio crew seemed like they hadn't warm up, The volume of Aiai's mic is a little bit low at the beginning of the song. You can hear that they turned Aiai's volume up at the middle of the song.
Another thing worth notice is that they played the recording for most of the harmony and Non-Aiai singing part. At the last chorus, you can only hear Aiai's voice, which is a little mark deduction because the best of this song is that they sing the last chorus all together.
I think they played recording instead of letting the band members sing because they used to let the band members sing, and there were a lot of times that the audio crew didn't turn the mics up in time and the audience could not hear anything. They should find some way to improve it.

  1. R
After the 2nd season opening, a bass solo kicked in right after. The band didn't want to let the crowd to rest. Aiai once again showed off her extraordinary range and lung capacity. Trust me, Aiai's voice will be burnt in you memory if you hear her "W E A R E" once in live. The crowd went crazy and kept clapping for this two words.
Aiai also did the signature pose for R this time, which she moves her little finger along her chin. A little move but surely can capture every man's heart.
I'm not sure if it is the theatre's problem or the audio crew's problem, sometime the sound of bass and guitar are not very clear throughout the show.

  1. Tamashii No Refrain
After two extremely hype songs, there was a little MC. Aiai said that they were so close to the crowd that she can play Rock–paper–scissors with the crowd at the top, other members said Yukina doesn't play such thing and Yukina (Aiai) insisted that she would play it sometime.XD
At the end of MC, Yukina asked, 'do you want to hear our music?' People who is a long time fan of BanG Dream! must know what is the next song. This is the same question she asked at BanG Dream! 3rd live right before their debut song, Tamashii No Refrain.
Even though the members are not same, they still produced the music with same quality. In short, everyone banged their head very hard.
However, Aiai's monitor earphone seemed to have some problem, you can see her adjusted the left earphone frequently. As a result, her accuracy dropped a bit.

  1. Cruel Angel's Thesis
After the head-banging Evangelion film theme, there it was the legendary Evangelion anime opening. It has the same arrangement with the one in Garupa and they played the full version of it!! This is the most surprising song for me because PoPiPa has not been playing cover songs in their own live for a while, I didn't expect that we can see new cover song live by Roselia.

As they played a cover song, they did an advertisement for the upcoming Garupa cover song album in the MC. Soon after, they played ONENESS and it is just the good old ONENESS like usual. Plus Aiai kept flirting with Yuuki and KDHR at the verses.

Break VTR
The video they played during the break this time is different from usual. They played videos of Roselia screwing around and bullying Aiai in pervious lives. This time, they played an artistic music video sort of thing.
The video took place at a church. To conclude, Roselia's members looked confused and lost and searching for something separately. After a while, they found their instruments respectively and when they found the instrument, they said something without voice and looked very determined.
I think this video was showing their experience of losing 2 members in a short period. They felt lost and directionless at the beginning. However, they found the successors after half of a year and they eventually started moving forward. And now, they are determined to bloom wildly on the pinnacle for the characters, for the Bangdreamers and for their graduated members.
In the end of the video , they gathered one another and the video revealed what did they said separately. It combined out 'Sanctuary'.

  1. Sanctuary
As soon as VTR ended, Roselia emerged on the stage again, with their new costumes. Sanctuary kicked in simultaneously. Aiai showed off her range again at second chorus. Besides of Aiai's monstrous range, I personally love Aiai's body language during the performance of this song the most. She portrayed Yukina's regret and guiltiness toward other members very vividly. In addition with Aiai's emotion in this song, I can totally feel Yukina's emotion after band story chapter2.
For those who don't understand or know what this song is about, you should definitely look it up. I think this song is one of best song in Garupa in terms of story telling and character portraying.

  1. Sunkissed Rhodonite
    As Yukina's scream of regret ended, a familiar, warm and tender piano intro started. The colour of the crowd soon turned red. Yes, the long absent Sunkissed Rhodonite is back to live since Yurishi's graduation. May be Yurishi is no long playing, seeing Yukki on the stage is like seeing Yurishi on the stage. As soon as I see Yukki playing the bass intro, I know that she is no longer pulled by Lisa, she is now moving forward with Lisa.
During Rhodonite, Aiai showed so much love to Yuuki, they touched each other's forehead with forehead. At the last chorus, Aiai brought Yukki to the center like she did to Yurishi, also gave Yukki the mic to sing.
Last time I cried when listening to Sunkissed Rhodonite is because of Yurishi's graduation. This time I cried, because of how great Yukki did in this performance. I think Yurishi must be very pleased to have Yukki as her successor.
Even Yurishi is not with us now, Yukki does carry on Yurishi's mind with her. I dare to say that Yukki is definitely qualified to say she is the seyiuu of Imai Lisa now.

  1. Determination Symphony
Suddenly a strong guitar intro kicked in, everyone in the crowd turn their penlights lake green. It's determination Symphony BAY BAY!! The crowd went crazy again with Roselia strong and rock style. Just a classic Roselia performance, nothing special to mention.

  1. Kiseki
After 3 songs, Roselia had a little chat with each other. Yukina asked everyone why did they joined this band. After the little history lesson, they started to play Kiseki.
Like they did in 5th live, Yukki (Yurishi in 5th live ) and KDHR sit on the stage. This time Aiai went to center of the stage and the center is lifted up. The camera work of this song was just so perfect and beautiful, they had the angles shoot to Aiai from every other member. This whole performance is just a thing of beauty.
Actually, I am more touched this time than listening to it at 5th. Last time, everyone was trying their best to hold on the tears. But Meguchi is just like a child, she couldn't hold on her emotion. Seeing she cries hurts me from the bottom of my heart.
Kiseki was a song of goodbye and parting.
This time, seeing everyone on stage played Kiseki with smiles is the best thing I've seen in the whole live. Especially Meguchi, she wore a big smile on her face throughout the song. This warmed my heart very much. She overcame the sadness of parting and understand:
"Even if we let go of the grasps on each other's hands We have a bond between us that will never end."
Kiseki is a song of see-you-again and bond.

Finally member introduction, this time the introduction is very violent. Aiai showed us how strong and cool Yukina can be. During the introduction, Aiai said to the crowd,'Y'all tired now, huh?', 'If you guys are not loud enough, I'm ending the concert right now!'. Even Aiai seems like a cute silly girl in daily life, when it comes to pressuring, the former pro-wrestler is not joking around. In that moment, there is no Aiba Aina in the crowd's eyes, there is only the queen, the proud diva, the lone-wolf songstress, Minato Yukina there.
Right after the introduction, the guitar and the keyboard harmonized with each other to start the beginning of the end. This is the origin of Roselia, from now on this is the origin of the 'reborn' Roselia too.

The song of Minato Yukina, the climax of Hitze. ROSELIA IS JUST SO FUCKING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially at the last chorus, Aiai, KDHR and Yukki played the song side by side at center of the stage!

  1. Safe and Sound
Before the song started, there was a little fracas. Aiai went to the position between Non-chan and Meguchi (keyboard and drum), and KDHR thought Aiai went to the wrong position because vocal usually stands between guitar and bass. Aiai replied that she went to the right position and KDHR gave in. TBH, the crowd probably still don't know who is right and who is wrong. XD
Settled down the position problem, Aiai couldn't fix her mic stand and sought help from Non-chan. However Non-chan couldn't fix it neither, they needed helps from staff in the end.XD Then Meguchi said to Aiai 'you were so perfect as Yukina throughout the show, why have you turned into Aiai in the end??'
Started with BRAVE JEWEL, ended with Safe and Sound. A very beautiful curtain call.

Encore break VTR
Basically this the gag reel of previous VTR. AKA Roselia Don't Break Character Rest Time!! They need not to break the character during the whole day of shooting MV, even in their rest time. This was so much fun that I cannot describe it all. I'll just mention some.
  1. When Meguchi tried to help Aiai get in the character, she said 'Bloom...'(頂点へ....) and Aiai answered 'wildly on the pinnacle!'(狂い咲け!). KDHR immediately said 'Don't....'(この手を) and Aiai answered 'let go of my hand!'(離さない!) Because it is the lyrics from PoPiPa's teardrops, Aiai earned an immediate out. At next second, Meguchi said 'Bloom...' and Aiai answered 'wildly on the pinnacle!' again, then KDHR said 'Don't....' again and Aiai answered 'let go of my hand!' immediately. Aiai earned 2 outs within 30secs.
  2. At lunch time, there was a Rimirin's ChocoCornet imitation championship round 2. Surprisingly, Yukki's imitation is the best. (Yukki is pretty close to 3D Rimirin.)
  3. The members except Aiai needed to play fear box. Yukki and Non-chan played the fear box together. During the game, Yukki touched Non-chan's hand accidentally and Non-chan moaned pretty sexually. The crowd went crazy after that moment. My yuri sense is tingling.
  4. The item in Yukki and Non-chan's fear box is a pineapple, and Non-chan answered watermelon......
  5. The sound effect of xxxx out! is voiced by Aimi.

  1. Re:birthday
Classic Roselia, brought up audience's emotion very quickly.

  1. Nesshoku Starmine
Before the song started, they made announcement about upcoming lives. Most importantly, they revealed who broke the characters most during shooting day. Of course the winner is Roselia's vocal, Aiba Aina. She totally broke the character for 80 something times when the 1st runner up, KDHR, only broke the character for 50 something times. What a triumph for Aiai!
After serval interaction with the crowd, Aiai praised the crowd is like the fleeting starlight in the sky and the band started to play Nesshoku Starmine.
'頂点へ...狂い咲け!' The crowd went crazy like always, you just can't get sick of how cool Aiai is when she said this sentence.

Troll ending
Members got off from their position and gathered at the front of the stage, started to share their feeling throughout the night like usual. After sharing their feeling, they hold hands together and ran around the stage to thanks the fans. But Yukki was left behind by Meguchi and she need to use the mic to told the others to wait for her.
Last, they went up to the aisle to leave the stage. Suddenly, Aiai was possessed by Yukina. Yukina told the members to get back to their position. The band members and the crowd are clueless. Yukina kept asking them who are they and the members answered with their characters' name helplessly. But KDHR answered that she is KDHR because the crowd was chanting KDHR, then the crowd chanted Sayo immediately. KDHR turned in to Sayo right after.
Waited all the members to get ready in their position, Yukina said,'we are evolved, to show our new self , we must play this song. Neo-Aspect.'

  1. Neo-Aspect
The true curtain call. It fits the current situation of Roselia perfectly. After a mouths of hiatus, they can finally hold a solo live with 5 members. The wounds of parting are healed. They are more determined than they ever have been. The Neo-Roselia is born. They will keep on playing their top-quality music, and the shine of 5 roses will be brighter than ever.

The harmony from Roselia ended. A dark-soul-like epic music is played. The 5 of Roselia slowly stepped back from their position. The 5 coffins rose up again at the center of the stage. The 5 roses stepped in to the coffins. The live ended as coffins closed and sunk down from the stage but the heat they brought to Budokan will be remembered forever.

Aiai: Her accuracy is pretty average this time, it may because her monitoring earphone seemed to be not working well. You can see she is very confused and not concentrated at the beginning and kept adjusting the earphone. After the break, the situation got better. Anyway, she nailed every high notes and body movement like a boss. Her body language when performing definitely is a bonus point for Roselia live.
This time Aiai showed the crowd a very aggressive Yukina to the crowd which I love it a lot. You can feel that Yukina is the proud diva by watching Aiai's portrait. You will have a desire to obey to Yukina when listening to her MC. Aiai's personal charisma and acting is just so fantastic.
KDHR: KDHR just being usual KDHR this time. Looked very beautiful. Her playing accuracy is very good this time, I can't remember hearing any mistakes from her this time. Like always, she trolled around and screwed around, dealt with commercial time, When Yukina kept asking her to get back to her position, I think she really wanted to say 'Position Zero' but she somehow oppressed her trolling personality.

Yukki: I think she is the MVP this time. Comparing to fan meeting and Vier, she had improved a lot for both MC and musical performance. She is more active on MC this time as she is more close to the members now. For musical performance, she debuted 5-6 songs this time, she must worked very very hard for that many songs.
Most importantly, she completely adapted Lisa's personality as her on-stage personality this time. In pervious live, she wasn't completely performing as Imai Lisa. But this time, she is definitely performing as Imai Lisa. Moreover, she also carried on Yurishi's mind on stage too. From body movement to MC, she mixed Yurishi's heritage with her own style, then created the whole new Imai Lisa on stage. Especially her performance at Sunkissed Rhodonite, it was just magnificent.

Meguchi: Meguchi is equivalent to 30 years-old Ako, I think no one would disagree with this statement. Like usual, Meguchi performed very well for both MC and musical performance, just 1 to 2 minor mistakes are heard.
Something worth mention is that, Meguchi looked very happy this time, she was just like a kid went to Disneyland. Her pure smile just warmed my heart a lot after watching 5th live. I'm so glad that she overcame the sorrow and found 2 adorable new partners.

Non-chan: Exceptionally well performance considering it is her first solo live. She debuted 8-9 songs this time and she just made 1 minor mistake that I can remember. She is so just so damn good at piano.
She was like real Rinko, isn't talkative and she has lack of MCing experience, so she was not very active at MC. But considering her situation, she did very well this time. Looking forward to seeing Non-chan to become a comedian like the rest of Roselia.

The only thing that really needs improvement is the audio crew and cameraman team. The volumes of every instruments are not well balanced. For example, the volume of guitar and bass are not loud enough during their solo part sometime. Sometime the camera is not shooting the right person, For example, when it was Yukki's singing part, the camera kept focusing on KDHR or they didn't focus on Aiai when Aiai is posing during R.
submitted by F_your_username to BanGDream [link] [comments]

2019.01.30 06:38 doom_bagel Analysis of every language performed in at Eurovision.

People always complain that there are too many people performing in English at ESC, so I have decided to look at how frequently we hear other languages in Eurovision and how well they do. I'll go over the first time that each language was performed at Eurovision, the first time said language has won (and any subsequent times) as well as the most recent time said language has been performed in. They are listed in the order that they first were performed at Eurovision. I have decided to exclude dialects such as Viennese and Vorarlbergish. Let's begin!
Dutch: Dutch was the first ever language performed in at Eurovision when Jetty Paerl from The Netherlands opened up in Lugano, Switzerland in 1956 with De Vogels Van Holland. The first song performed in Dutch won in 1957 when Corry Brokken performed Net Als Toen and a Dutch song has won Eurovision three times in total (1957, 1959, and 1969). The most recent entry in Dutch was in 2010 when Sienke performed Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie), which failed to qualify.
German: German also debuted in 1956 with Swiss singer Lys Assia performing Das alte Karussell. The first song performed in German to win was Merci, Chérie (despite the French title, the song is sung in German), performed by Austrian singer Udo Jürgens in 1966 and a song sung in German has won twice (1966 and 1982) by two countries. German was last performed at Eurovision in 2012 by Austrian group Trackshittaz with Woki Mit Deim Popo. which failed to qualify.
French: French debuted in 1956 by Fud Leclerc representing Belgium with the song Messieurs Les Noyés De La Seine. French was the first language to win a song at Eurovision when Lys Assia performed Refrain as the the second Swiss song (each country sent two performances in 1956). There have been French songs that have won 14 times(1956, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1977, 1983, 1986, and 1988) by five countries. The most recent song to be perfomed in French was in 2018 when French artist Madame Monsieur performed Mercy which came in 13th place.
Italian: Italian debuted in 1956 with Franca Raimondi's performance of Aprite Le Finestre, which came in 6th place. The first song sung in Italian to win Eurovision was in 1964 with Gigliola Cinquetti performing Non Ho L'étà and two songs performed in Italian have won (1964, 1990) both performed by Italians. The most recent song to be sung in Italian was in 2018 with Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente performed by Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro, which came in 5th place.
English: English, which now dominates at Eurovision, did not appear until the second Eurovision contest in 1957 in Frankfurt when Patricia Berdin performed All, which came in 7th place. An English song would not win until 1967 with Sandie Shaw singing Puppet On A String. Since then, a song performed in English has won 31 times (1967, 1969, 1970, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018) by 17 different countries. The most recent song to be performed in English at Eurovision was in 2018 by Netta Barzilai with Toy, which came in 1st place.
Spanish: Spanish made a brief debut when German performer Margot Hielscher sang a few lines of Spanish in 1957 in her song Telefon, Telefon, which tied for 4th place. The first true performance in Spanish came in 1961 when Conchita Bautista performed Estando Contigo, which came in 9th place. The first song sung in Spanish to win was in 1968 when Massiel sang La La La. A song sung in Spanish has won twice (1968 and 1969). The last song to ber performed in Spanish was in 2018 when Amaia y Alfred performed Tu Canción, which came in 23rd place.
Danish: Danish made its debut in 1957 when Birthe Wilke & Gustav Winckler sang Skibet Skal Sejle I Nat, which came in 3rd place. The only sang to be sung in Danish that won was in 1963, when Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann sang Dansevise. The last song to be performed in Danish was in 1997 when Kølig Kaj sang Stemmen I Mit Liv, which came in 9th place.
Swedish: Swedish made it's debut a year after Danish in 1958 in Hilversum, The Netherlands when Alice Babs sang Lilla Stjärna, which came in 4th place. The first song sung in Swedish to win was in 1984 when Herrey's sang Diggi-loo Diggy-ley. Two songs sang in Swedish have won Eurovision (1984, 1991), both by Swedish artists. The most recent song to be sung in Swedish was in 2012 when Finnish artist Pernilla sang När Jag Blundar, which unfortunately failed to qualify.
Luxembourgish: Despite performing 4 songs at Eurovision in 3 years, Luxembourg did not send a song in Luxembourgish until 1960, when Camillo Felgen sang So Laang We's Du Do Bast. The only song to win in Luxembourgish was in 1961 when Jean-Claude Pascal sang Nous Les Amoureux. The last time a song was performed in Luxembourgish (as far as I can tell) was in 1993, when Modern Times sang Donne-moi Une Chance in both French and Luxembourgish, which came in 20th place. To be honest, I didn't even know Luxembourgish was its own language.
Norwegian: Norwegian made its Eurovision debut in 1960 when Nora Brockstedt sang Voi-Voi. The first song to sung in Norwegian to win Eurovision was in 1985 when Bobbysocks sang La Det Swinge. Two songs have won when sung in Norwegian (1985 and 1995) all by Norwegian performers. The most recent song to be performed in Norwegian was in 2006 when Christine Guldbrandsen sang Alvedansen, which came in 14th place.
Sami: Sami also made its debut in 1960, as Nora Brockstet's song Voi Voi was titled in Sami and had a handful of Sami lines. Sami found a full verse in 1980, when Norwegian act Sverre Kjellsberg & Mattis Hætta performed Sámiid Ædnan which featured a verse in Sami. This song finished in 16th place. As far as I can tell, no other songs have featured any Sami, although several artists with Sami heritage have performed.
Finnish: The first song to be performed in Finnish came in 1961 when Laila Kinnunen sang Valoa Ikkunassa, which came in 10th place. No song performed in Finnish has ever won at Eurovision. The most recent song to be performed in Finnish was in 2015 when Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät sang Aina Mun Pitää, which failed to qualify.
Serbian: Serbian also debuted in 1961 when Yugoslavian artist Ljiljana Petrovic performed Neke Davne Zvezde, which came in 8th place. The only song performed in Serbian to win was in 2007 when Marija Šerifović performed Molitva. The most recent song to be performed in Serbian was in 2018 when Sanja Ilić & Balkanika performed Nova Deca, which came in 19th place.
Croatian: Croatian also made its debut in 1963 when Yugoslavian artist Vice Vukov sang Brodovi, which finished in 1th place. The only song sung in Croatian to win Eurovision was in 1989 when Yugoslavian artist Riva sang Rock Me. The most recent song to be performed in Croatian was in 2013 when Klapa s mora sang Mižerja, which failed to qualify.
Portuguese: Portuguese made its debut at Eurovision in 1964 when António Calvário sang [Oração](António Calvário - "Oração), which came in 13th place. The only Portuguese song to win Eurovision was in 2017 when Salvador Sobral sang Amar Pelos Dois. The most recent song to be performed in Portuguese was in 2018 when Cláudia Pascoal sang O Jardim, which finished in 26th place.
Bosnian: Bosnian debuted in 1964 with Yugoslavian singer Sabahudin Kurt singing Zivot Je Sklopio Krug and finished in 13th place. No song sung in Bosnian has ever won Eurovision. The most recent song to be performed in Bosnian was in 2018 when Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner & Jala sang Ljubav Je, which failed to qualify.
Slovene: Slovene debuted in 1966 with Yugoslavian singer Berta Ambroz singing Brez Besed, which came in 7th place. No song performed in Slovene has ever won Eurovision. The most recent Slovene performance was in 2018 with Lea Sirk singing Hvala, ne!, which came in 22nd place.
Russian: Russian made its debut in 1969 when Yugoslavian group Ivan & M's sang a Russian line in Pozdrav Svijetu, which came in 13th place. the first song sang entirely in Russian came in 1994, with Russia's debut in Eurovision, when Youddiph sang Vechni Stranik which came in 9th place. No song sang in Russian has ever won Eurovision. The most recent song to be sung in Russian was in 2009, when Anastasia Prikhodko sang Mamo, which came in 11th place.
Maltese: Maltese made its debut in 1971 when Joe Grech sang Marija L-Maltija which came in 18th place. No song sung in Maltese has ever won Eurovision. Due to poor performances, Malta has only sung in Maltese a few times, most recent a few lines in 2000, when Claudette Pace sang a few lines of Maltese in Desire, which came in 8th place.
Irish: Irish made its only Eurovision in 1972 when Sandie Jones sang Ceol On Ghrá, which finished in 15th place.
Hebrew: Hebrew made it's Eurovision debut in 1973 when Ilanit sang Ey-Sham, which finished in 4th place. The first song sung in Hebrew was in 1978 when Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta sang Abanibi. Hebrew songs have won Eurovision 3 times (1978, 1979, 1998), all performed by Israeli artists. The most recent song to be sung in Hebrew was in 2014 when Mei Finegold sang Same Heart, which failed to qualify.
Greek: Greek made its debut at Eurovision in 1974 when Marinella sang Krassi, Thalassa Ke T'agori Mou, which came in 11th place. A Greek song has never won Eurovision. The most recent song performed in Greek was in 2018, when Yianna Terzi sang Oniro Mou, which failed to qualify.
Turkish: Turkish made its debut in 1975 when Semiha Yanki sang Seninle Bir Dakika, which came in 19th place. No song sung in Turkish song has ever won Eurovision. The last song to be performed in Turkish was in 2008 when Mor ve Ötesi performed Deli, which came in 7th place.
Arabic: Arabic made its debut at Eurovision in 1980 when Samira Bensaïd performed Bitakat Hob, which came in 18th place. This is the only instance of a song being sung in Arabic in Eurovision that I could find In 2009 Noa & Mira Awad sang There Must be a Better Way which was sung in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Then in 2012, Sofia Marinova said the Arabic phrase "ya habibi" which translates to "my beloved" in Love Unlimited. Tunisia was supposed to compete in 1977 but withdrew from the contest for unknown reasons.
Montenegrin: Montenegrin made its Eurovision debut in 1983 when Yugoslavian performer Danijel sang Dzuli. No song sang in Montenegrin has ever won Eurovision. The most recent song to be sung in Montenegrin was in 2018 when Vanja Radovanović sang Inje, which failed to qualify.
Icelandic: Icelandic made its debut in 1986 when Icy sang Gleðibankinn, which came in 16th place. No Icelandic song has ever won Eurovision. The most recent song to feature Icelandic was in 2018 when Danish singer Rasmussen sang a line of Icelandic in Higher Ground, which finished in 9th place. The last song to properly featured Icelandic was in 2013 when Eythor Ingi performed Ég Á Líf, which came in 17th place.
Romansh: Romansch was performed once in 1989 when Furbaz sang Viver Senza Tei, which came in 13th place.
Neapolitan: Italy has sent the only Neapolitan song in 1991, when Peppino di Capri sang Comme E' Ddoce 'o Mare, which came in 7th place. I have included this as Neapolitan is considered a distinct language from Italian, much like Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin, and Bosnian are.
Antillean Creole: In 1992, France sent Martiniquais artist Kali with his song Monté La Riviè, which finished in 8th place.
Corsican: In 1993, French artist Patrick Fiori performed Mama Corsica, which contained a couple verses of Corsican. This song finished in 4th place. Later, in 2011, Amaury Vassili would sing Sognu in Corsican and finish in 15th place.
Estonian: Estonian made its Eurovision debut in 1994 when Silvi Vrait performed Nagu Merelaine, which finished in 24th place. No song sung in Estonian has ever won Eurovision. The most recent Estonian song was in 2013 when Birgit sang Et Uus Saaks Alguse, which finished in 20th place.
Romanian: Another 1994 debut, Dan Bittman sang Dincolo De Nori, which came in 21st place. No Romanian song has ever won Eurovision. The last Romanian song was in 2015 when Voltaj sang De La Capăt, which came in 15th place.
Slovak: Another 1994 debut, Martin Durinda and Tublatanka performed Nekovecná Piesen, which came in 19th place. No song sung in Slovak has ever won Eurovision. The last Slovak performance was in 2010 when Kristina Pelakova sang Horehronie, which failed to qualify (despite being magical).
Lithuanian: Another 1994 debut, Ovidijus Vyšniauskas performed Lopšinė mylimai, which came in last place. There has never been a Lithuanian winner. The most recent Lithuanian song was sung in 2018 when SKAMP performed You Got Style, which featured a verse in Lithuanian.
Hungarian: Another 1994 debut, Friderika Bayer performed Kinek Mondjam El Vétkeimet which came in 4th place. No Hungarian song has ever won Eurovision. The most recent Hungarian song was in 2018 when AWS sang Viszlát Nyár, which came in 21st place.
Polish: The final 1994 debut, Edyta Górniak sang To Nie Ja!, which came in 2nd place. No Polish song has ever won Eurovision. The most recent Polish song was in 2014 when Donatan & Cleo performed My Słowianie, which came in 14th place.
Ancient GreeK: Greece sent a song with featured a few lyrics in Ancient Greek in 1995, when Elina Constantopoulou sang Pia Prosefhi which is pretty cool. This song placed 12th.
Breton: In 1996, Dan Ar Braz et l'Héritage des Celtes performed Diwanit Bugale in Breton. The song finished in 19th place.
Macedonian: In 1998, the Former Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia debuted at Eurovision when Vlado Janevski sang Ne Zori, Zoro, which placed 19th. No Macedonian song has ever won Eurovision. The most recent Macedonian song was in 2016 when Kaliopi sang Dona, which failed to qualify.
Imaginary Languages: In 2003, Belgian group Urba Trad performed in a language that they made up in Sanomi, prompting Terry Wogan to state "They've got 4 languages in Belgium and they're singing in an imaginary one, the very essence of the Euro." This would finish in 2nd place. Not to be outdone by those waffle eaters down south, the Dutch group Treble sent their own imaginary language song in 2006 when they performed Amambanda, which failed to qualify. Pissed that the Swamp Germans were trying to steal their thunder, Belgian group Ishtar performed O Julissi, which also failed to qualify. Realizing that these songs were no longer popular, both countries decided to stop sending songs in made up languages.
Latvian: Latvian has only been performed at Eurovision once in 2004 when Fomins & Kleins performed Dziesma Par Laimi, which failed to qualify.
Catalan: Catalan made its Eurovision debut alongside Andorra in 2004 when Marta Roure performed Jugarem a Estimar-nos, which failed to qualify. Andorra's final performance at Eurovision in 2009 marked the end of Catalan in Eurovision when Susanne Georgi sang La Teva Decisió (Get A Life) which also failed to qualify.
Ukrainian: Ukrainian made its Eurovision debut in 2004 when Ruslana won Eurovision with Wild Dances, which is the only Ukranian song to win Eurovision. The only other song to feature Ukrainian was in 2005 when Greenjolly sang Razom Nas Bahato, which finished in 19th place.
Võro: This language found in Southern Estonia was performed at Eurovision in 2004 when Neiokõsõ performed Tii. The song failed to qualify.
American Sign Language: In 2005, Latvian performers Walter & Kazha sang The War Is Not Over and two minutes into the song they began to sign the lyrics of their song in ASL. This song failed to qualify The Song finished 5th place , and was pretty cool.
Albanian: Albanian made its ESC debut in 2006 when Luiz Ejlli sang Zjarr E Ftohtë, which failed to qualify. No Albanian song has ever won Eurovision. The most recent Albanian song was in 2018 when Eugent Bushpepa sang [Mall](, which came in 11th place. Albania has confirmed that their 2019 song will also be in Albanian.
Bulgarian: Bulgarian made its ESC debut in 2007 when Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov sang Water, which came in 5th place. No Bulgarian song has ever won Eurovision. The most recent Bulgarian song was in 2016 when Poli Genova performed If Love Was a Crime, which came in 4th place.
Czech: The only Czech song came in 2007, when Kabát performed Malá Dáma, which failed to qualify.
Armenian: Armenian made its ESC debut in 2007 as well when Hayko sang Anytime You Need, where the last verse was sang in Armenian. No Armenian song has ever won Eurovision. The most recent Armenian song was in 2018 when Sevak Khanagyan sang Qami, which failed to qualify.
Romani: In 2009, sang a verse of Romani in their song Aven Romale. This song failed to qualify. Later, in 2013, Former Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia artists Esma & Lozano sang a chorus of Romani in Pred Da Se Razdeni, which also failed to qualify.
Swahili: In 2011, the chorus of Stella Mwangi's song Haba Haba was sung in Swahili. This song failed to qualify.
Udmurt: In 2012, Buranovskiye Babushki took second place singing Party For Everybody. The grandmas are the only act to ever sing in Udmurt.
Azerbaijani: The only instance of Azerbaijani was in 2012 when Bulgarian singer Sofi Marinova sang a couple of lines of it in Love Unlimited. She was unfortunately robbed by Eric Saade knock-off Tooji.
Georgian: Georgian made its debut at ESC when Anri Jokhadze sang I'm a Joker which failed to qualify. The only other song sung in Georgian was in 2018 when Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao performed For You, which also failed to qualify.
Crimean Tartar: In 2016, Jamala won with her song 1944 in which the chorus is sung in Crimean Tartar. This is the only rime that Crimean Tartar has been sung at Eurovision.
Belorussian: Belorussian made its only ESC appearance in 2017 when Naviband performed Historyja Majho Zyccia, which came in 17th place.
Sanskrit: In 2017, David Tennant body double, Francesco Gabbani, sang a few lines of Sanskrit in Occidentali's Karma, which finished in 6th place.
Japanese: In 2018, Netta sang a couple lines of Japanese in her winning song Toy.
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2019.01.28 19:00 officialdaymaker Otzzo - By My Side (Lyrics) Ft. Aina Salvà

Otzzo - By My Side (Lyrics) Ft. Aina Salvà submitted by officialdaymaker to chillwave [link] [comments]

2019.01.28 18:43 officialdaymaker Otzzo - By My Side (Lyrics) Ft. Aina Salvà

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2019.01.28 18:28 officialdaymaker Otzzo - By My Side (Lyrics) Ft. Aina Salvà

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2019.01.28 17:41 officialdaymaker Otzzo - By My Side (Lyrics) Ft. Aina Salvà

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2019.01.28 17:41 officialdaymaker Otzzo - By My Side (Lyrics) Ft. Aina Salvà

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2019.01.27 07:07 ExpiredDeodorant How a class assignment piqued my interest in Bandori

Vier DV was today and whenever I dig myself deeper into the Bandori hole, I reflect back on a writing assignment.
Last semester, one of my teachers had us write a 5 section paper on different forms of entertainment. One of which was a concert experience. As someone who dislikes current American pop culture music and also didn't feel like driving to a jazz club I sometimes go to, I desperately asked my teacher if I could go to a delayed viewing and share my experience from it. I explained to him what a delayed viewing was and he said yeah sure go for it.
Luckily, the DV for Ewigkeit was happening around the time I received the assignment.
After the viewing was over, I had to do extra research on Bandori and Roselia because I was really new to the franchise at that time. Tsugu wasn't even my best girl, it was probably Hina since I found her amusing and cute.
I feel like it was my strongest part of my essay, along with my Monster Hunter section because I poured a lot of passion into those two parts. I even put the Seishun callbook in my works cited.
Without further ado, here is what I gathered from my viewing of Ewigkeit.
Sunkissed Catharsis
Delayed Viewing- Ewigkeit
Note- Roselia’s 3rd Concert, but the franchise’s 5th concert
I attended the delayed viewing for the 3rd Roselia Live, Ewigkeit (Eternity). Delayed viewings are recorded concerts that happen sometimes after the actual concert. They allow the Western audience like America to experience Asian entertainment. Roselia is a band that is part of a franchise called Bang Dream! Girl’s Band Party! (Bandori for short). Their style of music is gothic and symphonic rock, which is reflected in the band’s color scheme, costumes and instrumentals. The Roselia members are: Yukina Minato (vocals, played by Aina Aiba), Sayo Hikawa (guitar, played by Kudou Haruka), Lisa Imai (bass, played by Yurika Endou), Ako Udagawa (drums, played by Sakuragawa Megu) and Rinko Shirokane (keyboard, played by Akesaka Satomi).
I arrived at the venue thirty minutes early and could easily tell who was there for the Roselia concert. People there were all around my age group, and almost everyone had merchandise related to Bandori or similar franchises. The people ranged from novices to fans. The fans had a lot of merchandise including t-shirts, happis (thin festival coat), penlights, character pins, character keychains, and plushies. Merchandise such as penlights, concert shirts, concert pins, character stands and towels were also being sold at the venue. I’d say the majority of the audience spends a lot on their hobbies because the merchandise is often expensive.
Some fans even had items that are exclusive to Japanese events meaning they had to travel or use a proxy shipping service to obtain them. The band members advertised some of their products during the concert such as the happi, concert t-shirt, album and radio program. They jokingly declared that Sakuragawa was skilled at promoting their merchandise. I also noticed that the camera zoomed on their instruments a lot, which were custom made by ESP.
Looking at Roselia and the Bandori franchise in general, I could associate them with the first definition of entertainment. Bandori was designed to be entertainment, which is evident by how many entertainment categories it covers. The multimedia franchise includes a mobile game, live concerts, animations, TV series, original and cover CDs,character merchandise, talk shows and radio shows. This was Roselia’s 3rd concert and Aina stated that more than 7,000 people were in the venue compared to 700 in their debut concert. With all of this overwhelming content, the franchise is very profitable. The mobile game is consistently in the top 5 grossing list in Japan, a country that spends more money towards mobile games than America does. Finally, Roselia’s 1st album, Anfang (Beginning), was rank 1 in digital downloads and rank 2 in physical copies during its release week.
Some of Bandori’s success and popularity comes from the mobile game. The mobile game features event stories that explores the journey and struggles of all five bands. What’s impressive is how they link the story in the game with the actual songs. In the game event, A Song Unfinished, Yukina’s father quit his singing career due to his agency terminating his contract before an important concert. It’s told through the event story that her father wrote LOUDER as the main song for his performance. When Roselia performs LOUDER, it’s as if the band is carrying on the dreams of Yukina’s father. Catharsis is the idea that people experience entertainment to live through an emotional journey. Even though Yukina’s father is a fictional character, LOUDER holds a lot of significance for the fans due to the emotional story behind it.
Another example of catharsis in the concert was the retirement of their bassist, Yurika Endo. During the last song, Sunkissed Rhodonite, the entire audience in both the venue and the movie theater changed their penlights to red (Lisa’s image color) due to the meaning of the song. In the event, Don’t Leave Me, Lisa!, Yukina wrote Sunkissed Rhodonite to express Roselia’s gratitude for Lisa, which is reflected in the song’s lyrics describing Lisa’s kindness and reliability. The realization this was Yurika Endo’s last concert as a Roselia member was amplified heavily by the song choice. The concert served as a final, glorious farewell to Yurika that Roselia and the viewers experienced.
During costume changes and intermissions, audience members watched the members of Roselia compete in a quiz which tested their knowledge of their band. The quiz had a lot of tendentious humor, which is humor at someone’s expense. The funniest moment was when the vocalist, Aina, couldn’t recognize a picture of a previous Roselia concert. She was ridiculed by the other four members who questioned what she’s looking at during performances. The comedic moment was only possible because Aina incorrectly answered questions that was essentially meant for her.
The live also operated on escapism, rituals and direct communication. Escapism is the concept that people use entertainment to escape their lives. Movie theaters are constructed to be enclosed spaces with no windows. This meant that all sense of time was gone and the 3 hours that I spent in the movie theater felt like 1 hour. When the delayed viewing ended, I was stuck in traffic and back in the real world. The concert had rituals, which were the calls for every song. These calls served as direct communication between Roselia and the audience. It was easy to tell that LOUDER was a popular song due to the reception in the movie theater. Everyone in the audience was living in the moment, waving their penlights to the song.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time experiencing Ewigkeit. A delayed viewing does not have the same atmosphere as a real concert. I was not there for Yurika Endo’s actual departure, but I still experienced it in my own way. I would have liked to see the live audience more. They are an essential part of concerts, especially ones that let you represent your favorite band member and be a part of the songs. What lies beyond delayed viewings would be augmented reality viewings. I’d imagine them to be nearly impossible to pull off, but they could potentially be successful.
It was after the assignment that I really started liking Bandori and without doing it, I don't think I would have gone to a Vier DV today. I would have written more had there not been a page limit per section.
Sorry for the super long post~
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2018.11.28 00:53 qzorum [Finnish > English] Song lyrics

Hi all,
I'm looking for a translation of this song if possible.
Here is one transcription of the lyrics that I found:
Kai sä tiedät kulta, Kun me pudotaan täält, me tullaan alas korkeelt ja lujaa. Siin on sillo itkust pitelemist, eikä ketään kiinnosta, saat poraa yksin ja salaa.
Kun me synnytää, uutee elämää, me ei saada sitäkään mitä nyt, eikä me voida maksaa meit ulos, ku ei oo valtaa, ei oo rahaa, vaikkei oltais tehty mitää pahaa, ei mitää vääri. Kai sä tiedät kulta, jokanen teko, k aikki mitä sä teet on täällä on väärin. Vaik sä vaan luulet et sä vaan makaat miten sä petaat, ni oikeesti sä petaat aina miten joku muu makaa, joku joka ei oo sulle mitää, joku jota ei oo sulle olemassa. Kai sä tiedät kulta, jokanen teko, k aikki mitä sä teet on täällä väärin.
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2018.11.11 20:12 Rylix My recommendation list with over 600 musicians loosely sorted by genre (Update 11.11.2018)

I created this list to help some people who are looking for some recommendations.
I loosely categorized the musicians who I listen. (I am not good with genres)
Let me know if links are down or if you have some recommendations for me.
Newly added artists have an asterisk at the end so you can easily search them.
Since the last update I have added 310 new artists.
Old threads: 15.07.2017 23.08.2016
Electro Hip Hop/RnB/Funk/Soul Jazz Pop Rock
A-bee acro jazz laboratories Atarashii Gakkou No Leaders (新しい学校のリーダーズ)* After School &CRAZY
AAAMYYY* AmamiyaMaako* ecke* Aiko* a crowd of rebellion*
Aiha Higurashi* Ame to Kanmuri* EGO-WRAPPIN Aimer* Abe Mao*
Aira Mitsuki Anly* Fox Capture Plan AIMI* absentmindedness
Ami Suzuki Asagaya Romantics* Hamada Maron Aimyong Aikawa Nanase*
AmPm* Asaki (アサキ)* Kie Kitagi* Aina the End (アイナ・ジ・エンド )[BiSH]* Akai Ko-en*
Ayaka Ikio Awich Kolokol* airlie* Akai Ko-en
Capsule BananaLemon* Kurofune (黒船)* Akira Yuki* Akai Tsuki
Coltemonikha Boku no Lyric no Boyomi majiko AMIAYA Akasick
Faint⋆Star Michel Melmo* Annabel Ame no Parade
FEMM chelmico* MIKINATSUMI* Aoba Ichiko* Amelie
Freetempo City Your City Mime* Asaginyo (あさぎーにょ)* amenoto*
Fripside Coma-Chi* NakamuraEmi Ayano Kaneko* ayutthaya*
G.Rina Dance for philosophy Nao Kawamura* Ayumi Hasaki Baby Leaf*
HAMIDASYSTEM* Daoko Rei Ayumi Shibata Babymetal
Have a Nice Day! DJ Hasebe* RöE -ロイ* Berryz Kobou Balloon at dawn*
her* DJ Okawari Scarf & the SuspenderS* Bitter & Sweet Band Harassment (バンドハラスメント) *
Jazzin'park DJ Ryow* showmore* blue but white* BAND-MAID
köttur DJ Vital Force Swing of the Dead Blue Moon Boo Bentham
Koutei Camera Girl Eccy Tetra+ Bright BiS1st*
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Especia toconoma* callme BiS2nd*
Licaxxx* Evisbeats* TRI4TH Cettia BISH*
LIL Evo+ Uyama Hiroto CHERRSEE Blume popo*
LILILIPS* Faela* Za Feedo* Chiaki Sato (佐藤千亜妃)* Boundary*
MARQUEE BEACH CLUB FantaRhyme x Chise Kanna* BRATS*
MAX Haru Nemuri* x cinnamons* Bury*
MEG Hasta la vista x clammbon* Cantoy*
Milano Loa illmore* x color-code Cent Chihiro Chittiii (セントチヒロ・チッチ)[BiSH]*
Mondo Grosso Imai* x CRUNCH* Che-a*
Mop of Head Iri x CUICUI* chietoyts*
Naabo Dofu @ Nana Izumi Macra x Def Will* Chirinuruwowaka
Nirgilis Jinmenusagi* x DIANNA☆SWEET Chu's day.
NOZOMI PIENA:TA* Karin & Reichi* x Edoga Sullivan (エドガー・サリヴァン)* COMezik*
NUXX Kenichiro Nishihara x eill* CRCK/LCKS
NSFW Pa's Lam System KICK THE CAN CREW x Einsteins* DADARAY
Perfume Lainy J Groove * x Emi Hinouchi DADAROMA*
REOL Lee Ayur* x FAKY deronderonderon*
[email protected] Lyrical School x Five New Old* Dialuck
Sayuko Nano Mcpero x Friends (フレンズ)* DOG MONSTER*
SAYURa Microstar* x frostbite* DOLL$BOXX*
SHACHI* NakamuraEmi x Ghost like girlfriend* Drop's
Shizukusa Yumi NORIKIYO x Goose house Easycome*
SOROR* Nujabes x Goto Maki ecosystem
Spoon* Nullbarich x Hanae egw eimi*
THE LOWBROWS Official髭男dism* x HANGRY & ANGRY Elfriede*
Toki Asako* Olive Oil* x Happiness Empire*
TORIENA* PANDALION* x Hata Motohiro* Eve*
Towa Tei Penguin Rush (ペンギンラッシュ)* x Hayashi Momoko* Fern Planet*
Tsujimura Yuki* Pineapple Club x Hitomi Yaida FINLANDS*
Utae* Pink Cres* x Hoshino Michiru* First Impression*
Woltanative* Pinokko* x Ito Chiaki* FliP
WONDERVER. Pinoko* x JaccaPoP Frascotation (フラスコテーション)
World Order* Rinne Hip* x Jin Akanishi* Frederic*
World Order RIRI* x kaho Fuyu no Doubutsuen (ふゆのどうぶつえん)*
yahyel Silent Poets* x katyusha* Fuyusuru Neko
Young Juvenile Youth SIRUP* x Kei Takebuchi Gang Parade*
x skrew kid* x Kitamura Sakiko Genie High*
x Smooth J x Kobushi Factory* Gesu no Kiwami Otome
x sooogood!* x Koda Kumi GIRLFRIEND
x Still Caravan x Kurokawa Sala Glim Spanky
x Sudannayuzuyully* x Leo Ieiri Goodbye Seventeen*
x Suiyoubi no Campanella x LinQ Hakubi*
x Sweet William* x lol Heavenstamp
x Taichi Mukai x Lululu Hitsujibungaku*
x Tamaki Roy* x Maison book girl* Hump Back
x TAMTAM* x Maki Adachi I love me (アイラヴミー)*
x the engy * x Maplez* Ikkyu Nakajima
x Three1989* x Mellow Mellow* indigo la End
x Tofubeats x Miyamoto Natsuko* Inshouha
x Tomita Keiichi* x Miyuu* Itsue (イツエ)*
x TOSHIKI HAYASHI (%C)* x mononkul* Jinn*
x Toyama Mirei x Mori Megumi* Jyocho*
x Tsubame* x Morning Musume JyuJyu (じゅじゅ)*
x UNCHAIN x Morphine Tokyo Kami-sama, I have noticed*
x Wakita Minori x moumoon Kamitsuki*
x WONK x Musubizm* Kaqriyo Terror Architect*
x Yo Irie* x Nagisa Cosmetics* Karasu wa Masshiro
x YonYon, SIRUP* x Nakanoまる* Kayo (カヨ )*
x YOSA x Namie Amuro kettle*
x Yurika* x NAOMiRusty King Gnu*
x Yusuke Hirado Prospect* x Natsume Mito - I'll do my best Kinoko Teikoku*
x x x nikiie* Kitano Rem*
x x x Nisshoku Natsuko* Kolokol*
x x x No title* Komatsu Mikako*
x x x Often Mofun Kominami Yasuha
x x x Ohira Mizuki* Koshimoto Yuika*
x x x Omoime Gurasu* Kotoful*
x x x ORESAMA Kozumi*
x x x PassCode Lalala
x x x Phenotas LAMP IN TERREN*
x x x pla2me Lapintet*
x x x Pop Art Town* LAST MAY JAGUAR*
x x x Predia Layla*
x x x Risa Satosaki LAZYgunsBRISKY
x x x Ropes* Leila (レイラ)*
x x x Sakaguchi Kisa Lelle (レルエ)*
x x x Sasanomaly lical
x x x Satellite Young Light Bringer
x x x Seiko Oomori Ling Tosite Sigure*
x x x Sekitori Hana littleneem*
x x x She is summer Lovely Summer-chan
x x x Shibata Satoko* LoVendoЯ
x x x Shiggy Jr. Lucie, too*
x x x Shioiri Fuyuko* Machigai Sagashi (まちがいさがし)*
x x x Shishido Kavka Mamada Yu*
x x x Smoothies* MAMY
x x x Softly Manatsu Nagahara (永原真夏)*
x x x Speed Memai Siren
x x x Stylips Mikkai to miminari*
x x x Takeuichi Anna* Milky Way
x x x Teshima Aoi* MINAKEKKE
x x x Tokunaga Yuki* Minami (美波)*
x x x Tokyo Girls' Style MINT mate box
x x x Tomggg Mismope*
x x x TWEEDES Momosumomosu (ももすももす)*
x x x UCARY & THE VALENTINE Mr.ふぉるて*
x x x Uesaka Sumire (上坂すみれ)* Mutant Monster
x x x United Monmon Sun MYTH & ROID
x x x Up Up Girls (Kari) Nadeshikodoll*
x x x Yamazaki Aoi* Nagagutsu o Haita Neko*
x x x Yamazaki Ayane* Nagagutsu Wo Haita Neko (長靴をはいた猫)*
x x x YANAKIKU NecryTalkie (ネクライトーキ)*
x x x Yonezu Kenshi* Negoto
x x x Yoshida Youhei Group* Ninety-Nine (九十九)
x x x Yoshizawa Kayoko* nolala*
x x x Yumemiru Adolescence* odol*
x x x x Oisicle Melonpan
x x x x Oz Ram Indio*
x x x x Pan no Mimi (パンのみみ)*
x x x x Paranoid Void*
x x x x Passepied
x x x x PEDRO [BiSH AYUNi D Solo Project]*
x x x x Penguin Rush (ペンギンラッシュ)*
x x x x PINKYCASE*
x x x x Polaroids Mary*
x x x x Polkadot Stingray
x x x x Polta
x x x x Pop shinanaide (pop shinanaide)*
x x x x Predianna*
x x x x Psybou Kanojo
x x x x Quince*
x x x x Regal Lily*
x x x x RETO *
x x x x Rhytmic Toy World
x x x x Rick Rack*
x x x x Riko Sasaki*
x x x x Ritsuka*
x x x x Ryokuoushoku Shakai (緑黄色社会)*
x x x x Ryokushaka
x x x x Sa-So-Ri
x x x x Sakanaction*
x x x x Scandal
x x x x Secondwall*
x x x x SEKIRARA*
x x x x she said*
x x x x SHE'S
x x x x Sheena Ringo
x x x x Shinamayu
x x x x Shishamo
x x x x Silent Siren
x x x x slowmotion*
x x x x sokoninaru*
x x x x Sonoko Inoue
x x x x Sōtaisei Riron
x x x x Soupnote
x x x x SpecialThanks*
x x x x Spira Spica*
x x x x Srv.Vinci*
x x x x Stereopony
x x x x Suda Keina (須田景凪)*
x x x x Suga Shikao
x x x x SUGARCLIP*
x x x x sui sui duck*
x x x x Su凸ko D凹koi
x x x x sylph emew
x x x x sympathy
x x x x T/ssue*
x x x x Tancobuchin*
x x x x The Characters
x x x x The HEANA CAT
x x x x The Incos*
x x x x The Nanbatatin
x x x x The peggies
x x x x the tiny*
x x x x the twenties*
x x x x The Winking Owl
x x x x The Wisely Brothers*
x x x x titilulu*
x x x x Tobiuo (トビウオ)*
x x x x Tokyo Jihen
x x x x tricot
x x x x Uchudan*
x x x x uchuu;*
x x x x Ueda Marie
x x x x uijin*
x x x x Unlimits
x x x x Unlucky Morpheus*
x x x x Uso to Chameleon
x x x x Vinal
x x x x vivid undress
x x x x Wagakki Band
x x x x Wakusei Abnormal
x x x x Yanakoto Sotto Mute*
x x x x yonige
x x x x Yoru No Honki Dance
x x x x Yorushika
x x x x yourness*
x x x x Yubisaki Nohaku (指先ノハク)*
x x x x Zekkei Kujira*
x x x x ZOC*
x x x x Zutomayo (ずっと真夜中でいいのに)*
x x x x ЯeaL
Electro Hip Hop/RnB Pop
3rd Coast Asol* (G)I-DLE*
Clazzi Bambi* 4Minute
Deepshower* Cat B (캣비)* A Pink
Floating Island Chancellor Ailee
House Rulez CHIMMI* AKMU
Humming Urban Stereo Crush AOA
Idiotape DEAN As one
Instant Romantic Floor Dopein* Ashmute*
Katie* Faver* BLACKPINK
Koh Nayoung* Heize Cheeze
MagiKally Honey be* Clazziquai Project
Neon Bunny Hoody Dreamcatcher
Rubber Soul (러버소울)* Johee ELRIS
Sentimental Scenery KISUM (키썸 ) * Exid
x Nieah (니아)* Girl's Day
x Seora (설아)* GWSN*
x Sunday Moon (선데이문)* Hyolin
x Verbal Jint IHYA (이햐 )*
x x It‘s*
x x Jeong Eun Ji
x x Kate
x x Katie*
x x Kei.G
x x Koh Nayoung
x x Ladies' Code
x x LEE HI
x x Lovelyz
x x Mad Soul Child
x x Mamamoo
x x MelodyDay
x x Neon Punch*
x x NS Yoon-G
x x P.O.P.*
x x Party in my pool*
x x Pristin
x x Risso
x x Soulsweet*
x x Tensi Love
x x Twice
x x UNI.T*
x x Unicorn
x x Up that brown (업댓브라운)*
x x Vanilla Acoustic
Chinese Vietnamese
Astro Bunny Rhymemastic*
Auyko (葉曉粵 )* Suboi*
deca joins*
Diana Wang*
Elva Hsiao
Fiona Sit
Jolin Tsai
Julia Wu*
Leah Dou
Meng Jia
林明禎 MinChen*
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